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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vocal Workshop

I saw this funny T-Shirt while joining a vocal workshop conducted by Juwita Suwito the other day. It's alright if you don't know who she is, most people don't know either. The back of the shirt says

How cool is that. So having put on this shirt, I was confident to perform with my angelic voice with a touch of auto or semi-bass vocals. While ready to impress those poor people with my voice which they could only afford to dream of having, someone pull me aside and said "Andrew, you cannot sing here, here got so many people, with your voice like that you can only sing at the other room." I asked "Where is the other room?"


I really know how to sing.......


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My sweet comments

I really have to say, some of my readers are among the smartest people. I am not angry at all with those comments, I mean, I'm not angry when people start to make sense. See this


to quote and un-quote you. If Christians were to share the same kind of attitude, Dan Brown should be dead by now. Which is not totally a bad thing....u should remember in writing the ending matters most. even if the content is sarcastically woven into it, u won't get far with ppl. Xiaxue is a good example with her navy / marine guy's entry. btw, u dunno know me either. so... lets reserve our judgement of each other.


lets see.there are so many christians out there all with their own denominations. in extreme cases, they will degrade other denominations just to make themselves sound better. that is not a true christian either. but that is not the point.the point is andrew's post is bringing down christians. if ur a christian, if u have really done something wrong (which i excerpt he did acknowledge in his post but unwilling to repent) then u would've posted it in a remorseful way instead of it being full of anger. why i say this? ur giving the impression that christians when done wrong are not willing to admit they are wrong (to repent or not is another matter). that is wrong in christianity. that is wrong in so many ways due to the fact he has being harping on how much he loves Jesus Christ and yet he's showing this. That is a hypocrite for ur saying one thing but doing another. I am being so passionate about this is becoz so many Christians harp about Christianity but they don't practice it in the fullest sense. Religion is something that u should endeavor and hold close to ur heart. Actions speaks louder than words.

To Andrew :Dude, if u can't take thist comment, then why r u begging for viewers to leave comments? Chase me away if u want, but u want comments and i'm giving u not one, but two. In each one, u seems to be unable to take the 'harshness' of my words. Do u expect only good comments? I don't think there is perfectness in this world mate.

I think ur a passionate Christian, but if u post something like this, ur bringing down the rest of the Christians. Yes, this is ur blog, ur emo channel. Take Xiaxue. If u want to be as famous as her, u have some responsibilities to society. Yes, you're seventeen not yet eighteen. So? Not only urself ok?

btw, u can only slap me right and left, up and down is my chin and my head. if u want to, gladly to let u slap me. just to let u feel shameful and wake u up.

i leave my comments as no comments from now on.

p.s. i dun hate u either andrew. but u need to take it easy. other than that, take ponstan when u have ur menses. it lessens the pain.

I have to say I am not Xiaxue, and I don't want to be one, ever.... I just want a lot a lot of money and a lot a lot of women. How simple :D

This writing business is getting pointless or perhaps I should just stop blogging at the right time......


Bang Me!

So long in youth ministry, now having coming out of the damn thing, I realised one thing with those older guys and now since I'm 18 year old in 2 months time, my peers, my best friends. They all came and left giving me the same reason -----"I gotta leave for studies". CHIAK SAI! I hate it, why can't a bunch of people meet and stay good for a long long time? CHIAK SAI! I know what you wanna say " are so like a girl, emotional". YOU CHIAK SAI! YOU WATCHED TOO MANY MOVIES, YOU THINK ALL THE BOYS ON EARTH ARE LIKE THE TV STARS, ALWAYS MACHO, ALWAYS COOL IZZIT? They all bluff you want to earn your money and show you things that you could never do in real life only lah. YOU GIRLS, PERIOD COME EARLY YOU SCOLD US, PERIOD COME LATE YOU SCOLD US, PERIOD COME TWICE YOU SCOLD US, PERIOD DON'T COME YOU SCOLD US, PERIOD COME ON TIME ALSO YOU SCOLD US. Hey, boys can come period also you know, I want to be emotional, I want to shout like a baby girl, which part of your body beh song? I don't even want to use proper English although I am capable of doing so, so what? I don't even wanna put this entry to paragraphs so that you can read easily. Let me remind you, this is my blog, and I can do anything and everything with it. I claim ownership and you don't give me money, you come here, read for free, laugh and go away. This is a channel for me to release my emo and shoot as much as I like, you not happy, call your lawyer and consult him where you can sue me. Now don't sidetrack me, I'm still emotional and 'fragile like the jelly' or 'fragile like the salt water fake breast implant', people come and go. That's how the world works. I accepted it. But I just have to give a shoutout, you and me both know why. It just happens. And we just have to let it happen...I label this post philosophy, and I don't even know why...


Saturday, February 24, 2007


When an idiot made fun of Jesus Christ with his fictional story book, he became the best seller.

When a retarded woman made a random but 'nonfictional' comment in a TV show about the Islam religion, the show got pull out and she will probably be persecuted or be hated for a while.

For those that does not understand the Malay language, the blond woman commented about the age of Prophet Mohammed's wife, Siti Khadijah, and made it an example that is it alright for older women to be attached to younger men. (Siti Khadijah married Prophet Muhammad who was 25 year old at the age of 40)

It makes me think.....

If Christians were to share the same kind of attitude, Dan Brown should be dead by now. Which is not totally a bad thing....


Stop Killing Christians

Stop picking on the Christians, they are not perfect.

You chicken mother, when was the last time you did something wrong and you lost your cool. Then this uncle or auntie or father or mother or friends or brothers came and told you things like “YOU CHRISTIAN AHH, HOW CAN YOU DO THAT, SAY THAT, TOUCH THAT, HURT THAT?” Oi, what is wrong with you?! Christians are not perfect, as a matter of fact, they are humans! You get it? Humans, like you, got blood, got hormones, got heart , got lung, got PENIS!

Please lar, I know with all due good intentions you have to encourage people to do good and be a better man. But starting with “YOU CHRISTIAN AHH, HOW CAN YOU DO THAT, SAY THAT, TOUCH THAT, HURT THAT” is not the WAY to make things BETTER! Only the sick needs the doctor. You no read the bible is it? You never care what Jesus said one is it? Where in the Bible have you seen Jesus curse a tax collector cum adulterer cum prostitute (WHORE, HOOKER) cum criminals. Notice the 2 idiots who died beside Jesus ain’t any good stuff either dude. But one joined Jesus in paradise.

Romans 2:4 says it is the kindness of God which brings men to repentance.

If condemnation is what you pastors, preachers, teachers, Christian friends and fellow men know what to show, I tell you, go knock yourself to the wall now. You are an abomination.

The bible says whichever causes you to sin (body parts) chop it off! You all that is pretending to be very holy, very good, very straight, I guess you have chopped your penis off hor?

Haven arr? Why leh? Because it is not possible for none is perfect and none was but the trinity. Stop depressing your fellow Christians, they need your encouragement, they need grace to change. Not another scolding word. They need a little understanding and by the grace of God may they change.

Faith comes with evidence and not contrary to it. And I have faith in my God, who does miracles beyond your imagination.

Quote of the day: He is sixteen, take his penis away from him he’ll still try to have sex.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kaya & Toast Your Head

I don't feel like entertaining you today. And there is a reason......

I went to this place to have curry this morning because this guy said the curry is damn nice.

After having the curry, I didn't think it was very nice, I'd only give it a B-. Nothing special really.

I don't feel very satisfied so I give it a little chance and tried some other dishes. This one is call the Chicken Ham Noodle. After the noodle arrived, I felt even more disappointed.

CHICKEN, This is Lee Fah Mee with salted soup, it tasted like shit like that. I tell you, you listen clear-clear, I do not use the word SHIT anyhow, especially when it comes to FOOD. My father diciplined me by belting when I was little, so I wont throw you a foul langguage if I am not TULAN enough. But when it comes to this one, I almost returned them and ask the chef to eat it himself.

Later, I ordered bread by the name kaya toast something. TOAST! Have you any idea what is a toast? Toast means you bake the bread till it's hot and hard like that then you serve it out. This one........Nabeh


See the inside, feel like burning the shop

It's not me being particular, I'm only bringing the truth, don't tell me my opinion is very subjective, When I say a girl is pretty, 10 other boys would agree she is. So my opinion is, the only thing that is savouring there is the Chai Kueh, in direct translation it's the Vegetable Cake.

This one is warm to it's warm, soft and tender, nay it serves with a slight sour hot chilly, that's what I call food. Other than that..........

I was really going to put a picture of some shits but I didn't do that to protect my dear readers, appreciate it and adore me.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


There’s this sometimes when your mind just turns empty and you have totally no idea what to write. Chinese New Year is fun, as usual, I turned nuts. Had a lot of food and still slim :D. People are getting back to work, that makes me go aimless because I don’t have a job. Tomorrow’s Thursday, I’ll play for 2 more days before consider doing a little more fruitful things like doing holiday studies or watch Desperate housewives season 2. Ooh, anybody knows who’s Juwita Sowito? I know her name is kind of weird but I heard she’s one of the Malaysian Idol’s vocal coaches and some famous vocalist which I don’t know of. You know, a little like me. She’s coming down to hold a workshop this Saturday so I think I’ll be attending it. I also think that I can sing……

Anyway, I was ready to update something more literary but people seem to be enjoying my leisure posts more. They just refuse to understand me at a deeper level because it’s not worth the labor. By the way, you know this thing about leaving comments, it actually encourages the blogger, oh come on, you enjoy my blog and you know it, so leave some words down. I really pity Mr brown at because people leave him so little feedbacks while hundreds of thousands download his podcast. Well…….at least he gets to be known. I got nothing, but I refuse to be nothing forever. So tell your friends there’s a great writer call Andrew Ho and adore me by sticking your tongue and and lick lick lick…..

Whether the world is beautiful or ugly pretty much depends on how you define it


Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's the Kuching Chinese New Year

I don't care if you live in Kuala Lumpur, I don't care if you live in Singkapo, If you have never been to Kuching, you have never experience the Chinese New Year Fireworks Display. I don't care Sungei wang spend how many thousand on their fireworks, in Kuching where the Prime Minister live far far away, we 600,000 Kuching Knights play fireworks like crazy it's a 45 minute terrorist bombing. And it's not the lousy kind of firecrackers, can hear sound cannot see flower flame one, it's the kind the government ban, even the police don't dare to come out from the police station, or else they will barbecued. This year despite of the rain, I held the umbrella, die die also took a few pictures.

This is the only time I'm proud with Kuching people breaking the law, I tell you, you listen good good. We don't live on trees!

We are capable to bring in illegal fireworks from China

Despite of the rain, I managed to take a short clip near home during the few minutes past midnight. I say HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. This event is celebrated by 1/5 of the world population. So don't feel bad if you are a fucking asian and you don't have to be blonde! Lai Pang Pao Ah!

You read the newspapers says the police catch here catch there, caught all the illegal bring in of fireworks to Sarawak, I tell you it's all bluff one la.


Friday, February 16, 2007

no idea how computer works sometimes

This is kinda fun:


You press the alt button and hold it, then you press these numbers 29482, then you release the alt button

Do the same for all the following numbers including the first one above,

alt 20320 alt
alt 26032 alt
alt 24180 alt
alt 24 555 alt
alt 20048 alt

And you'll see a chinese word coming out after pressing each set of number it shall result into "Happy Chinese Pig Year"

I did that on MSN and it works for my desktop, I tried on laptops and it doesn't seem to work, donno ~~~~ =)


Short talk Math

Valentines is over, so go and kill yourself. I received 3 bouq of flowers and 6 packets of chocolates so don't try to impress me by telling you got one Rm7.90 rose from a stranger. The flowers withered and the chocolate melted, I'm still single.... Now I'm quietly waiting for Chinese New Year so at the meanwhile, you go figure out why this guy can do math like that....

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Similan Drink

Today is Valentines Day. I don't have a girlfriend so you girls who are single can have something to celebrate over. While it is most common for flowers, cards, chocolates and retarded teddy bears to be the most popular buys during this season of time, something grabbed my attention while I was eating late night in one of the coffee shop in Kuching.

I am not proud to present you 'Jus Cinta' or in English ------ 'Love Juice'

Ooh, don't be naive, how could a cutie like me be single at the age of 17 and a half. It just happened that my girl broke up with me after we had this conversation....

Girl: What do you plan to do on Valentines dear?

Andrew: Dad allows me to drive that day, between you and me baby, I can't wait to bring you to this place where we can have some good love juices....


Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Daily Quotes

1)You make me respect you when you respect me first, vice versa

2)One famous American President which his name I've forgotten once said 'I destroy an enemy when I make him my friend'. I say 'I destroy an enemy when I kill him'. George Bush agrees with me.

3)Teacher says, 'There are many ways to achieve one’s goal'. I’m not interested, I just want to know one way that can help me achieve many goals. Teacher doesn’t know the way, that’s why they’re still teachers..

4)I’m not fat, I’m BIG BONED!

5)When I watch movie, the girl breaks up with the guy by saying 'It’s not you, it’s me'. I feel like asking the girl 'What’s wrong with you?!'

6)I read a teens magazine once when a boy describe love like this 'Love is like a dessert, it’s never the main course.' I think he’s crazy but I still like the expression.

7)Teacher: What do you think causes all the problem in the world?

Feminist: Men…

Teacher: What do you think made men causes all the problem in the world?

Andrew: Women…

8) I turned very shy when asked to talk with people physically attractive to me. So if I ever talked to you and I don’t seem shy, we obviously don’t have a future.

9) Pretty people is good. I am good.

10) The kind of people I like is the kind of people you like.

All quotes are original today


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lottery Comments

Apparently I do not read a lot of blogs. And the 2 bloggers that I'd follow regularly is Kennysia and Xiaxue. I like Kenny's humour while Xiaxue excel in professional bitching. You have to agree with me it's not easy to get popular with that.

Besides that, there is this one thing that annoys me whenever I read their blog's comments. Let's take for instances

I call this the 'Hey I am first' Itis

And this does not end with the first comment, it's like striking a lottery, they have the followings

While I understand why you should be so proud of when you're No. 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5. What I don't get it is why shout out when you are......

Blog is a many silly things


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

lust at first sight

Was chatting with my friend who is a girl on msn and it went like this:

Booty (not her real name): Oii, valentines day cuming, goin out?

Andrew: Err, donno leh

Booty: Y, no gf meh?

Andrew: No

Booty: Y no?

Andrew: Cuz I’m gay

Booty: Gay also got go out for valentine lah

Andrew: wtf, stop talking or I’ll eat you up

Booty: u believe in love at first sight?

Andrew: No

Booty: Y no?

Andrew: Cuz it’s lame

Booty: As in?

Andrew: U talk too much lah, I don’t believe love at first sight cuz I am male, I only believe in LUST AT FIRST SIGHT

Booty: o.0

Andrew: Wake up lah, this is the real world, my fren sees a dog also say it’s leng lui, where got wat luv luv luv, love at first sight is a cover up for lust at first sight la

Booty: u dream crusher

Andrew: Crazy, I wouldn’t even bother to talk so much with u if u’re not pretty

Booty: u pig boy

Andrew: You flat chested airport

Booty: ........

Andrew: Don't be angry la, I buy u flowers la

Booty: really?

Andrew: My toilet got some plastic roses....

I Can't Be Wrong....... Happy Valentines


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Pork Year

Happy Chinese New Year homie! Yes, I'm a yellow skined chinese with black eyes and black pubic hair so you just have to accept the fact that I'm not blonde. I can't wait until this 18th to talk about it. Just as all the stores and shops are dressing themselves up all red. Putting up all the horrible, annoying Gong Xi Fa Chai songs without concerning others feelings. The zodiac animal representing 2007 is the Pig. So I've decided to kick start my year with a nice pork chop at Kim Gary.

First I have this bloody soup

Then I have this yellow thing, bread and mud water

Then I gladly swallow the pig

Lastly I paid up, which I do not enjoy doing it and I think an excellent restaurant should never charge its customer for food

SoO HeRe We Go

Happy Pork Year Everybody~~


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow World

Pity downtown boy like me never seen snow, so I decided to pay snow world a visit while in Genting. The entrance is RM16, which I thought was worth it until I realised all they did to me was puting me up in a big refrigerator with soap bubbles falling from the high ceiling to make it look like snow dropping off and hard thin so called snow which looks more like the ice we find in Air Batu Campur laying still on the ground!

The temperature was -8 'C that night

So it was, I walked to the counter to purchase the ticket for the soonest timeslot available

I was entitled to redeem a free ICE-CREAM at the FREEZING BAR in a -8 CELCIUS SNOW PARK. What I needed was a Tom Yam Steamboat with Whisky served by hot G-string waitresses.

No one is allowed to bring phones or cameras inside ..... the truth is they will take the pictures for you and sell it to ya' overpricely. Snow, you see....... Just one thing, how come I couldn't make snowball to throw at my friends with the fake snow there? Guess it's fake after all.

And of course I posted this picture before, but I didn't mention that I was laying my butt on the Panda's ear.