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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kaya & Toast Your Head

I don't feel like entertaining you today. And there is a reason......

I went to this place to have curry this morning because this guy said the curry is damn nice.

After having the curry, I didn't think it was very nice, I'd only give it a B-. Nothing special really.

I don't feel very satisfied so I give it a little chance and tried some other dishes. This one is call the Chicken Ham Noodle. After the noodle arrived, I felt even more disappointed.

CHICKEN, This is Lee Fah Mee with salted soup, it tasted like shit like that. I tell you, you listen clear-clear, I do not use the word SHIT anyhow, especially when it comes to FOOD. My father diciplined me by belting when I was little, so I wont throw you a foul langguage if I am not TULAN enough. But when it comes to this one, I almost returned them and ask the chef to eat it himself.

Later, I ordered bread by the name kaya toast something. TOAST! Have you any idea what is a toast? Toast means you bake the bread till it's hot and hard like that then you serve it out. This one........Nabeh


See the inside, feel like burning the shop

It's not me being particular, I'm only bringing the truth, don't tell me my opinion is very subjective, When I say a girl is pretty, 10 other boys would agree she is. So my opinion is, the only thing that is savouring there is the Chai Kueh, in direct translation it's the Vegetable Cake.

This one is warm to it's warm, soft and tender, nay it serves with a slight sour hot chilly, that's what I call food. Other than that..........

I was really going to put a picture of some shits but I didn't do that to protect my dear readers, appreciate it and adore me.



  • At 11:58 AM , Blogger robin said...

    Hmmm, I think I pretty much know who that "guy" is.. ahahahha..
    That "guy" sure has some balls recommending stuff.

  • At 12:23 PM , Anonymous Andrew said...

    I got balls too.....smaller lah


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