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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Slide in

After writing Entry 100, I realised that I have only 99 posts up in my blog, so I have to write this post and slide it in one of the months to make Entry 100 a reality. If you're lucky enough to bum into this post. You have all the right to demand me to post a shoutout just for you.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jews On Christmas

As Christmas is approaching in less than a month, here is a song I sang for all of you.

I guess one of the races that do not celebrate Christmas is the Jews. It is very sad that they do not believe in Jesus Christ. Instead, in December, they celebrate the Hannakah, something like a thanks giving for them. 'Kosher latke' is a kind of jewish potato pancake and 'hu hach do hachvi' is a ceremonial song. Smart as they are, Christmas day is not the best time of the year for them.

So what are you hesitating, send this wonderful song to all your friends people you hate and wish them a Merry Christmas within the month!


Sunday, November 26, 2006

where they came

When I was checking my site visitors by referrals, I learnt that most people came to my blog directly, which means they just key my URL into their Internet browser and surf. Few however enter my site through links from other blogs. Even fewer came by googling me 'script of your life.blogspot' or 'daily blog with Andrew Ho'. Some had the courtesy to introduce my blog to friends by emails so they navigated from yahoo mail. But there's this one idiot however, he entered my site while searching for THIS on msn. He must had been so disappointed it's not what he expected at all.

Note: the 'THIS' search may vary shortly after post time and date


Thursday, November 23, 2006


Lately when I log on to Technorati it shows me this

Sometimes when I log on to technorati they show me this

Click To Enlarge

I'm so pissed next time you log on to my blog I'll show you this


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Writing the truth, getting the toot

I believe in straight forward expressing, there is no need to hide while trying to say something because when you do so, you might as well not say it at all. In as much as you practice that, I believe there will be people who aren’t too happy about it, some might get a little agitated, some might get crazy too but my tolerance in not admitting fact, denying truth and dishonesty has a limit. And many at times, I don’t keep in the heart and play lawyer-lawyer, I say it out, very loud out. I offended people recently when I wrote an article "churchill" where I talked about my experiences in church without particular editings and censors. I was expecting to get terrible feedbacks about it and I was right. But I enjoy it very much. I just love to say things that blow the religious mind of people. And make their face turn green and red like you know, green pepper on pasta.

Laid-back pilgrims are never going to make the slightest difference in any given situation. Before you know how to act, you have to first dream, before you celebrate any achievements, you have to first learn to speak up the truth, and accept the toot. They say actions speak louder than words, but trust me that is just a simple quotes mean to encourage some geeks. Hitler spoke and the german listened. Soekarno spoke, he became leader and remain top chart president even after he was later brought down. Not to mention Winston Churchill, John Kennedy or Martin Luther King. Words have to come first before actions, because that's where it all begin. It may not be the sweetest things or the fouless dreams we intend it to be, but it is truth, and so it goes and that will be my atitude both in speech or letters.

Love me or jerk me.


Monday, November 20, 2006

The Daily Quote

1) I respect what you say and I hope you respect me too is another way of saying shut-up I disagree with you and you have to listen to me

2) Do you have the courage to lend me one dollar? I have the courage but I don't have the dollar

3) To stop dreaming, is to stop living

3) People who believes they came from monkeys act like you one

4) This is my friend, he's retarded

5) It's very hard to keep it all in the heart, but trust me, it's even worst when you blog it all up

6) It's doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice

7) The act of guessing is like traveling in a circle that never ends. That's why they say I'm very straight foward

8) I have no idea whether I toil hard enough to achieve my dreams or to avoid letting others down

9) 'Get a life' is the most common insultative sentence in the trend, the same people that uses it didn't know the fact that it hurts one even more than saying 'fuck you'

10) Having the courage to speak the much avoided, to reveal the hidden, to expose the covered is having the courage to make a difference

Disclaim: I write most of my quotes although some
might not.


Friday, November 17, 2006

Andrew Ho's Partay

You should know how well known I am for imitating the latest trends and styles. I was so jealous when I read The Rojak Daily, they are organising a bloggers party in KL and all bloggers are invited to join them on the 31 of Dec 2006. It pissed me even more when I read that kenny Sia is also having a party in Kuching on the 26 Nov 2006, more so, all is invited. Ta Mah De.


My promo poster is out and approved by the Sarawak Government.

Unfortunately, I have to say that my party is also on the 26 of Nov 2006, so if you're joining other parties other than mine, it's time for a change of plan.

My party is for everybody, whoever you are, as long as you are pretty, you are free to admit. Party Starts at 8.00p.m till midnight.

Transport services are provided for those living in Kuching City

And the party will be held here

So what are you waiting for, quickly mark your calendar down and join my awesome party. And yeah, I have also prepared a video promo. Have a great day ladies and gentlemen.

For early bookings to enter party, email

Back to my blog


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Evolution of men

My Church is teaching about Genesis, answers to the creation of man and related stuffs. Personally I don't believe in the evolution of men and all those funny so called scientific theories and this video will reveal to you why I don't and shouldn't believe in them.

However in a more serious manner, I recommend this site: better than National Geography and Animal Planet

for solid answers on evolution. Just click on the link above, yes, everything red in my blog is a link, you click it and it navigates you to the right page. Their videos are stream able instantaneously.

But if you're not a rocket scientist or is a dude like me...... the clip below is more than sufficient to explain why you need to believe in God.

I have already distorted the video quality in respect of any atheist readers


Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm getting married

Dear readers,

I am sorry I have a life. As a matter of fact, I am getting married this month. So I will go for a semi-hiatus throughout November. Well actually when you count the calendar, it's only for a short while because half of November is nearly coming to an end. I am very sorry I am no more available, my deepest apologies for all the young girls that are crying over their desktop right now when they receive this news. If you really do love me, just click the button 'make a donation' at the sidebar and wish me a merry month. Before you start thinking that I am a very realistic person, you have to first understand that my marriage planned is very expensive and I don't really have the money. Wedding will be held in Hollywood..........

..........and the bride will be Nicole Kidman. So now you understand.

I have talked to Nicole and she said that all Daily Blog readers are allowed to join our wedding at a subsidized price. A online invitation has been make available here

So do feel free to meet us there.


Ted haggard

I was browsing through yahoo when I saw the hitting news of Ted Haggard, the superstar pastor of New life Church, (a 14000 mega church in America), committing gay sexual immorality Read Article

Hence I feel the obligation to post something up to clarify my viewpoint of the whole issue. Please read the article I have link above before reading on.

I have very simple to say to my fellow christian friends and those who care. I believe every man living on this fallen earth, regardless of who and what you are and your title resembles, you do not run from the severity temptation of the flesh. Therefore I am not too surprise nor shocked by news like these. I believe this is not the first time scandal leaked out in the church history. It was some long time ago when a couple of evangelist did the most similar thing, and reporters chased after Billy Graham towards the airport of LA to ask of him, how on earth can such things happen? Billy Graham turn to the reporters and asked in return "how many planes has landed safely today?". The reporter confusedly replied, there were a couple of thousand flights because LA is a big city. " Billy then asked "how many flights met an accident today?" The reporter said none. Billy continued and shouted "why don't you report that thousands of flights have landed safely today! It is a good news!" Reporter replied and said "It's not news worthy to report that..." Billy spoke and told him "that's right, millions of evangelist out there are doing God's work and bearing fruit for the Kingdom, why don't you report about their great works, instead you chased for me the whole day to question one single mistake from which an evangelist couple committed....."

King David in the bible committed adultery and indirectly sent to death the husband of the woman from whom he viewed her nude bath like pornography and have sex with later. After all that he is called "the man after God's own heart"? Men are dusty cheap and worthless, yet one sin will never bring God down from His throne and reverse the sacrifice Jesus has made on the cross as atonement for you sinners. So this is my stand on the scandal of Ted Haggard. If there's something different with Christianity, it is that we believe in a God that loves us, a God that calls Himself our Father, a God with such sacrificial love that gave Himself up for us and demand nothing in return but us to believe in Him that we may not burn in hell and He at the same time can bless us even more.

In this, other religions have no similarity.

Ted Haggard's statement to his church on Nov 5

More news about Ted Haggard


Friday, November 10, 2006

I pretended to study

I was featured at 'SEE HUA DAILY', our local Chinese newspaper some days ago. But unfortunately it wasn't for any of my great achievements (actually there's none)or my pretty face. It happened so that a reporter came to take pictures of us students while we were in the heat of the public exam fever. So as I was chatting along with friends while waiting for my driver school bus to bring me home, the principal came and asked us to pose as if we were studying very hard so that a good picture can be taken. The subtitles below the picture read:

"Not unless they step into the exam hall, the student will never give up any opportunity to study and revise, utilising every minute and second they have, not giving up until the verylast moment"



Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Daily Online Protest

This is My Way of joining the protest....

For the next 3 YEARS, there will be no updates on The Daily Blog because I am participating in a global online protest against the gross injustice of Internet censorship and the restriction of our freedom of expression.

Don't delay, Join me in jail now


Sunday, November 05, 2006

my church life, it's totally personal

Some readers wants to know whether I am christian, what I believe and my past history. So I guess it's okay if I post up what I was doing because many of my friends don't even know it.

I started going to church when I was 12 years old. My first station was SIB Satria Jaya. A small church in BDC Kuching. I attended because my brother pulled me there, where as I continued because of Jesus's love. I had a great time over there as I met a bunch of friends who today are pretty much scattered here and there I find it hard to locate them.

However, I did not stay their for very long. It was not until 9 months later, a former pastor of mine, pastor Cheli, decided to start a youth church call Bethany in Kuching. So I followed him along with a small group of youth to this vision he had. It was the beginning of a string of bittersweet memories.

I say that because I had both very nostalgic memory over in Bethany, as well as some that I would prefer burying them down in the grave of my mind.

The stay in Bethany brought me a lot of good. They taught me church politics, social skills, improved my English and granted me countless opportunities to meet different people and experience different things. They also gave me the chance to explore my potentials like never before. There is honestly no better hang out place to learn these stuffs for young people.

I stayed on in Bethany for 4 years but eventually ran out of joy. Among the things that I am pretty proud of achieving there were ----doing the OHP for over 2 years, getting counselled by the pastor, getting appointed as a youth leader and got SACKED a year later, getting blacklisted by the church as a whole and cry alone in the stairway when nobody knows. Wait!!!! Before you start thinking that I am a pervert, refer to CHEAP GRACE. And Wait!!!!! Before you think I am pitiful, don't be because you can always help by making a donation via paypal at my sidebar.

This was taken back in 2002, I wonder how many remembers

Andrew Ho! I am from Bethany Kuching, I am from Bethany Sibu, I am from Bethany Auckland! I am one of the PlanetShakers fan! BETHANY organised a concert for them and hosted 3000 YOUTHS in Kuching City! Andrew Ho! I am from Asian Youth Ambassador , which is highly affiliated with Bethany. Don't you dare criticised this church like that!

Planet Shakers Kuching 2005 Inti College

Firstly, I have already did a promo by listing out all Bethany's links, homepage, and affiliations that makes this church sounds very Vibrant. It's okay if your don't appreciate it but more people come to my blog than their website. So I did a good thing after all. Secondly, what I am doing here is merely telling you what I have experienced all this while. You weren't there when I cry, so don't try goofing around with me. I knew this church far better than many people because I totally lived there for 4 years and very few people can argue about that as of until 2006. More so, if I really want to talk bad about this church, trust me, I have more to say than this.

Yes, there were a lot of bitterness in me, yes, there were a handful of bad experiences but one of the few things that I give thanks to through the years is having the opportunity to meet and know a few wonderful people that still remain very close to my heart. I don't want to list them down because I'm afraid that my worldwide fans will be offended because I value certain people more than they. Anyway, whoever you are that manage to read until here, I LOVE YOU.

Regardless what bitter experience I had, I believe all is past and their is no reason to always hold bitter and angry in the heart. I have already learned to let go and let God, where ultimately to forgive. Yes I believe in the unmerited favour, the Grace of God that raised a lot of controversy and persecution towards we people, yes I listen to Joseph Prince and his tapes, I also believe in his ministry. Yes I know you want to stone me, but whatever it is, I love you.

I am not going to withhold my words and remain as an untruthful writer because of what certain people may think of me. Nay, I wouldn't mind to reveal my weaknesses and character through my words, because I know that none of my readers are saints after all.

I had moved on ever since and is currently attending SIB Grace. A church where people understands. Sharing with me the same faith. I have grown spiritually and I give thanks because I did not experience so for the past few years. I am very blessed to find a place which suits me better =)

The Congreation

For my fans that want pictures and autographs kindly line up at the 9Th floor of Crown Towers, 88 Jalan Pending, Kuching. Flowers are welcome but I'm sensitive to Carnation. Service starts 11.30 a.m but I should be there pretty early every Sunday.

Reference:article june 14 2006


The Daily Quote

1) People spend money they don’t have to buy things they don’t need to impress people who don’t care

2) I am pretty, before you say that I am not, I want to tell you that you are pretty first.

3) Brevity clarifies but gives no room for imaginations

4) Not that I love Caesar less but that I love Rome more

5) Thank you for criticizing me without taking into consideration that I am human too

6) I am not being fake, I just don’t want to hurt your feelings

7) They don’t believe that I don’t watch porn, I don’t believe it either

8) I love her, she likes him, he likes me

9) All have some spilt milk in life, while others choose to cry about their own, I am already squeezing some new ones from my cow who has 6 breasts.

10) Beauty is to see not to touch, if to touch not to crush, if to crush not too hard

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Disclaim: I write most of my quotes although some might not.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Firefox on notice

Lasap firefox, pui pui pui, it wont eat my template. Some firefox users say it's fine, the other says it's out of place, an Opera user complained too but Internet Explorer works just fine. My own firefox presents my blog in a total mess. Lasap firefox, I splash water on you, pui pui pui.

Okaylar, I had asked to fix a new template by early December..... And you! Using Microsoft Window still don't want to use IE! You compensate Bill Gates you! Go download IE lar, all the cool guys are using it. I say one.


Public Exams

In Love to all my friends that are sitting for the public exams with me. Don't be jealous, yes I am popular and I have a lot of friends.........lolz. Let me big bomb, chui sui and bluff enough because I will blog less throughout November while exams are running.

The Public url is: