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Monday, April 30, 2007

Kaya & Toast again

Remember some time ago I put on this Kaya & Toast post and mentioned how bad it was. Well, it happened so that this shop didn't go bankrupt but instead, it opened another branch 3 minutes walk from my house.

As bad as I thought it is, I am an iron mouth tofu hearted person, so I gave it a second chance and visited it again.

3.15 p.m

This picture is taken by me, not the other guy(figure it out what I mean). The curry tasted better this time, but it still wasn't something worth worshiping.

Cai Kueh

And yeah, Kuching has got lots of these shops sprouting. Last time it was Kopitiam, now it's cafeterias and semi-restaurants. 'Secret Recipe' had just opened recently. But I heard the service was so bad someone stood up and shouted at them. There goes the 1 million ringgit franchise. It makes me wonder sometimes, we are opening 2 huge malls by the end of the year and constructing another Rm 270 million megamall all the while when we only have 600,000 citizens. Hmm......



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