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I view writing as an intellectual pursuit that requires much thoughts,patience,creativity and imagination.As an amateur writer,The Daily Blog is an account of my inspirations as I venture into uncharted waters to explore new horizons in literature.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Speed, I am speed

Speed, I am speed. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is The Daily Blog. It’s been a while since I write like I’m talking again. I had some busy weeks in the month of Jun and hopefully July will be better. And of course I hope the same does to you. It’s almost torturing sometimes when we have to work all day speeding through the curves and turns of our works and duties until they are finally deal and done. It’s much like speeding in a racing track of a fuzzy city when we don’t even know where we’re heading. True enough we need to learn how to work under stress, but even better, to work without the torment of stress. Take a few days off folks. Have a break, have a Kit Kat. They say life and work is like a circle, it goes round and round and meets no end. But we human on the other hand, we got to have a big STOP sign every now and then. The States calendar says it’s their summer vacation now, and as usual we asians love very much to follow their trade and trend without knowing why sometimes. So for this season of time, let us learn to relax and give ourselves a good break as we march towards the second half of the year. Speed, I am speed. Have a great day.

Warning: Never exceed 30 miles per hour while cruising on this blog.
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Used To When A Child

There’s like a shadow over all those lasting years,
It was when I was a little child when it all began,
I was a happy man,
And I could live all those yesterdays,
Thinking tomorrow will always be the same,
Until they finally faded and slowly they changed.
I remember when I was a toddler,
When life was much simpler and the world didn’t spin that fast.
When I didn’t read the papers and I didn’t bother that much,
About the fuzz of this too political world.
I used to when a child.

In the 60’s of an hour, I used to have more cheers,
Then I have now added together in those passing years,
It was when we started to grow when we started to learn,
That people will always be concerned,
Of the things that did not, will not, never not bother us when we were as a child.

The grown up life of those ones in this little world,
Kept our heads spinning along with this earth.
O’ when will we realize,
That all we fantasized,
One day will come to really nothing that much, not like what we expected it to be,
I miss how it was when I was a child.

When worries didn’t capture your heart and troubles seemed a little too small
To spend a 60’s in an hour to take away our smiles.
It’s time we learn,
For one day, to live like when we were as a child.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's not me, It's the camera

It's not me, It's the camera, The cheap cam has this enlarging effect that make people look a little bigger than they really are in the physical. If you know what I mean. Ladies and gentlemen, you are currently viewing The Daily Blog. All materials published are strictly copyrighted, and any copying, exhibition, export, distribution or other use of these materials is strictly prohibited without consent from the Columbia Pictures.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

The One Thing from Martin Luther King (An essay I wrote)

If you can understand the very heart of man, and know at least to care for their deepest secret, and to show a little concern to those who need, nay some tears to those who weep. Then do allow me to pay you my deepest respect. If you can look past the little faults of others and act for the greater good, aside self interest to understand, doubtless to say, you are one man very rare. Would your heart feel if I am to tell that some people somewhere in this world are dying, and if I were to tell you that you have a chance give a helping hand, given that opportunity, would you take it or would you not? Every single soul in this third rock from the sun needs somebody like you, somebody that will…
I have a dream to see a world of peace, while liberty swept over this large piece of linen land. I have a dream to see crimeless fields coated with thick snow of righteousness. I wish to see cheers and joy spring fourth over the after winter, while the sun beam over the park with little children frolicking in the playground. I have a dream to see brutality dissipate into the darkness and a gentle morn born. I have a dream…
I stood upon the rocks staring as the ocean slowly hugs the shore, asking myself, when will my dream come true?
Another day had passed away, I was still writing in my little room with that little light. Enough to brighten the room, not enough to brighten my heart. The papers today showed me more crimes, more deaths, more accidents, pains, sorrows, social injustice, widows and mothers cry, children swim in a pool of sorrows. So crude I should say “better die today than suffer tomorrow”. Hope, where are you? Another day passed away.
I was riding my bicycle down the road one day, probably the worst day of the year and hopefully of my life. I met two men with a motorcycle, robbers I should call; they stopped me of my ride, took my cell phone away, and left me behind with my bicycle. I sped home after that hitchhiking and due to the lack of skill, I overthrew myself off the bicycle, had my knee bleed and fingers wounded. Not enough? A broken brand new bicycle after two days of purchased. No wonder I wrote this article.
Do I hate the world, or the world hates me?
Six billion people, why me? Why you?
A little poetry I wrote:

A stream of river I once saw
And thought of drinking from below
To my amazement I reached the stream
To see blood was all that flowed
I wish to see this war no more
That peace may heal my sore

Yes I know how tough sometimes life can be, trust me, I know a little of what I’m saying. And I’m much astounded too by the unfathomable journey of life both you and I are going through, everyday of our life. Every second can be life changing; every decision could change the world. Yet in the darkest corner of life, I dare say “Ladies and gentlemen, I have a dream”.
I have a dream to ensure all leaves that collect at my feet are swept in by the breeze of harmony. I have a dream to see a bright future after the foggy morning had lasted. I have a dream to see the flag of my nation to be raised up high, as it reached to the sky, let it be lifted up high among this nation. So I dream to open my eyes beyond the starry night, to know the beautiful constellation that twinkles never fades, never ever fades from this blessed land, sealed with refreshing air of miracles and lasting happiness, of purity and distinct between love and lust, of dignity and pride.
The age of miracle hadn’t pass, O’ where and when would I find, the so called joy beyond compare?
It was night, late night. I was watching the nightline when all of a sudden a revelation struck me; I was enlightened to know that all news that flashed on the screen were horrendous. “Canadian boy killed, group suicide, father rape seven of his daughters and nieces later murdered them”. Whilst the pale moon was still smiling, that night, I changed my stand on death sentence. I was taught to forgive those who sin against me, at the same time hate what is evil, “two roads diverge in a yellow wood”, and I wonder sometimes which I would choose.

If you see a fifty and a hundred ringgit note down the street, which would you choose? My smart little baby cousin shouts out ‘both!’ And I, the smarter one came up with a conclusion, I’ll take both ways, forgive you yes I would, but still you have to die.
Summer kisses winter tears, I always thought this phrase was really poetic, but never knew what it truly meant, even until this day. There’s no need a perfect understanding of all things in order to love, sometimes you can love even without having so. I don’t really understand what’s with this world, many things in it I do not know, but still, I love, and wish hard enough to see it turn to be a better place someday. The bottom line is, would you dream with me?

Not that I love Caesar less, but that I love Rome more
Not that I hate facing the reality, but dreams are more lovely

Original work from Andrew Ho
Brevity clarifies, at the same time gives no room for imagination


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In express of my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the leaders from my former church in Kuching City,nonetheless, I still would like to say thanks to all those from Bethany who have blessed me in one way or another.


Monday, June 12, 2006

See me In Times

This is my idea of TIME magazine =P


Thursday, June 08, 2006

How we speak and why others can't take it

Speaking is a very complicated matter for me. Thus I always refer it as an art. This I speak neither about platform presentation skill nor public speaking techniques. I am talking about plain everyday verbal communication. The things we say to our friends, family and everyone around us. With this I have a very bad struggle. I very much like to be with people that are very smart in thoughts, deeds, and language. For my patience is low and my demand is high. Though as understanding as I may try to be, it is a pain in the ass to work with me. And my guess is I am not the only one out here. Many of you might just be like me. If not even worse, good morning, welcome to the Daily Blog. And sometimes ladies and gentlemen, I wonder why people cannot take, accept, receive or tolerate how we speak sometimes. Quoting from Shakespeare, "it’s not what you say; it's how you say it". Personally from my view, I suggest that the 'how' word here includes 2 aspects. And you help judge how true I am with it. One of the 'how' here would be the most understood meaning, which is our tone. It refers to the intonation of how we pronounce things. Either loud and rude, or gentle and timid, pleadingly, urgently, commandingly, professionally, bullshitingly? And a very simple tone of our projected voice can reveal a very large part of our character and message. The second meaning of the 'how', I would say it is how we line up our sentence and how we use words to express ourselves. Consider your friend asking you "Do you need my help in completing your assignment". You can either choose to say "No, I am fine" or "If I need your help, I'll ask you, If not then I don't need it"....................see the difference? And this is my session with you on how we speak and why people can't take it. I have very little knowledge concerning sentence structuring to improve conversation, but there are books, and people out there that actually make a living by teaching people how to 'speak properly'. It might just interest you what is the best way to reply me next time when I ask "you like reading my blog"?That's all from me; here is it your moment is in.