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I view writing as an intellectual pursuit that requires much thoughts,patience,creativity and imagination.As an amateur writer,The Daily Blog is an account of my inspirations as I venture into uncharted waters to explore new horizons in literature.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tell Me What You Think and I'll Tell You What You Are

Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are. The saying goes from time to time, quoted by men to men. But still, I don’t understand what the heck it is trying to say. But never mind. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the daily blog. Today, not wanting to quote from the 16th century Arden Shakespeare that most of us living in the world present share no interest in knowing. I would like to inspire you by my quote that goes like this “Tell me what you see and I’ll tell you what you are”. Scientific research says that there is no physical evidence on why some people are homosexual. It is believed that it all depends on how they see themselves inside. And that leads to a profound truth on why people act and react as who they are, what are they and why on earth are they the person they are. It all lies on how they see themselves inside. And how true is that? How do you see yourself in your mind? Do you see yourself as a great man of a great destiny, or an average guy with an average life and soon an average sized gravestone? And are you exactly the person you see in your head? Some people did not have confidence to stand on stage and voice themselves up. When you ask them why, they say I am not capable, I don’t have the confidence. You do not need to have a clue, one thing is certain, this guy do not see himself big in his mind. The pictures they see inside them reflect the character present. If you, a boy by nature, believe that you are a girl inside, fantasize on the very thought that you are a girl, thinking day and night that you a girl, sleeping with your lipsticks and waking up with a thong, picturing yourself inside that you are a girl, be rest assured, as much as God had created you a boy, you will still act like a girl. If you don’t believe in me, trust me, there are plenty of examples outside. Ladies and gentlemen, realize, realize the power of the mind and faith. Whatsoever you believe, so will it be unto you. Beware of what you see because that is also what you will get. If you are willing to dream, dream the man you want to be and be the man you dream. You can be whatever you want to be! As long as you are willing to believe inside. The power lies inside, on how you see yourself from this moment on. And we all that live this world understand how cruel this society is. We meet people coming to criticize and ridicule us. The great picture we once had in the very deep hardcore of our beings has been wipe away. And it has been replaced by the negative ideas and comments from people. Some think we are stupid. And they keep on reminding us how stupid we are wherever we go. And soon enough the word stupid sank into our heart. And hence fourth we consider that what they say is true and we are indeed stupid. As a result, we ended up as who we think we are. For the mind has made a choice to present ourselves stupid. We have decided to believe in the ridicule of the world and convince ourselves that what they say is true. What bullshit was that? Am I right to say? What bullshit was that? We as beings have been robbed our rights to think what we would like to view ourselves as because of the comments and conclusions people made. This web is name the script for your life. You are the one that is suppose to decide what happens to your life. Not other people. You write your own script and live it for yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, we reserve the right to picture who we are and be the man we see in the mirror of our faith. We shall and never be influence by what other people have to ridicule and insult, for we shall live for the greater good in our being for a life in which we call to its fullness. My thoughts yours to ponder, my words yours to consider. Tell me what you think and I'll tell you what you are. Thank you once again for reading The Daily Blog.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Because I had a bad day

Tell me who have not,
A little dreams that could not be achieve,
Tell me who have not,
Made a little mistakes here and there
Tell me who have not,
Failed in making his best in the endless moment of time,
Tell who have not,
Had a bad day.

Tell me who did not learn better,
While traversing in the journey of time,
And live out every day,
Through the various colours,
And of course grey.

Tell me when all things turned around,
When reality rebels against our definite will,
Tell me when I lost the battle I was once determined to win,
Tell me beyond the existence of such circumstances,

Tell me Faith stood still,

Tell me when I am grief and sadden,
When dry leaves collected at my feet,

Hope lies still,

Tell me when a little dreams slipped away,
When people walked astray,
You and I,
Will have the courage,
To redefine reality.

Because I had a bad day... ...


Friday, May 12, 2006

Slander, Gossip or Prayer Request?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the daily blog. I hope everyone of you are spiritual today because what I am about to say is very spiritual, as usual-yeah right... ... As previewed underneath my article today is a picture that states "Annual Gossip Convention 2006". This idea is totally my idea, my thoughts and my copyright. But it is important for artist like me to remember where and how did I get those ideas, thoughts and inspirations from. I'll tell you where I got it from, I got it from you. Nah nah nah nah, don't look to the left, I'm talking about you. Let's face reality ladies and gentlemen, I live everyday life, walking here and there, listening to both young and old, teenagers, adults and many of my age, both men and women, and I know, I know what they do best in the office, I know what pupil do best in the classroom, I know how this social chain quote and quote do best and I know what I do best down the coffee shop that sell me coffee for Rm1 (used to be 80 cents leh). If I were to open such a convention in the city today, almost 50 percent of the citizen would sign up, or to be even more accurate, 50 percent would like to sign up but do not have the courage to. Why would people want to know about this convention? Because that is what people do best, and they enjoy doing it, and many of us including myself, do not even realise that we spent many hours to sit down and gossip. Don't believe me? Ask yourself, when was the last time, you criticised somebody by name, pre-judge them and make it a private conversation. And some would love to joke and say, no no no no, it's not gossiping dude, it's prayer request.” I’ll give you five seconds to laugh over it now. Thought number 2, many would not have courage to do so, why, because ladies and gentlemen, we are too dignified. And behind this dignified face that we have, is a shameful heart, and behind this shameful heart lies a haunting conscience, and behind this haunting conscience is a false nobility. In simple English, we are hypocrites. I am one, so are you. And don't you dare tell me otherwise. Because all 6 billion people here live in one world. It is time ladies and gentlemen, for us to realise the mistake that we made and the well we dug for our own suicide. It is time, for us to see what is in us before we try to tell other people what is in their's. It is time for you to take one moment of your life to split between your pride and wisdom, leave the first mentioned, take the other one and question yourself, am I saying the right thing? Are my words making any sense to you? If not, click the 'x' icon above and leave, if yes, it make sense, then let this article be a reminder to you the next time you sit down and buy that one ringgit coffee again. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the daily blog.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

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