The Daily Blog (2006-2007)

I view writing as an intellectual pursuit that requires much thoughts,patience,creativity and imagination.As an amateur writer,The Daily Blog is an account of my inspirations as I venture into uncharted waters to explore new horizons in literature.

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Daily Quote

1) When you spend 3 hours to think about a 15 minutes activity, you are thinking too much

2) I like people to think that I am smart, even when I'm not

3) Many things we cannot find time to do, except for eating

4) If you have 4 boyfriends in 4 years, you are mentally disturbed

5) They say 'it's better late than never', I say 'it's better never than late', punctuality is not an etiquette, it's character

6) Statistic tells me that the fear of death rank no.7 and public speaking rank no.4. When people ask me what's no.1, I tell them that the no.1 fear on earth is to find that your ex-girlfriend is pregnant

7) Let's talk about something more superficial, do you think my cheekbone's too big?

8) We all have unreached dreams, just like we have careless mistakes

9) Have you forced yourself to love someone you don't? Have you heard of Moral Studies in school?

10) By nature, we're all good, by reality, we all are sinners, if you're wondering why, it's the same reason why Adam ate from the wrong tree. No, not the serpent, I'm talking about the woman.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The best you can get

I received a complaint from a friend the other day that she was infected with spyware while logging on to my blog. Anyone care to verify on this? She does however uses Internet Explorer and allow pop-ups. Anyway I was concerned that there were any harmful 3rd party links in my blog I took a check on it. Only to ensure that your computer doesn't explode when you log on to my blog. With that having said, it is alright, you are safe with me.

While in the process of doing all that, I finally chose to give up on using IE as it is technically not standard, unsafe and well, I broke up with IE, we just don't have a future.

Anyway, this is what I've found in MPH

The Givenchy Code

I wonder whether I should call that creativity, or plagiarism.

Well if you think that's bad, welcome to Malaysia~~

We have the most lethal badminton doubles pair, we have the best racquets in the world

We have the best Nikes

We have the best of running shoes RUNNA!
Like Puma, just cheaper

Crocs, the best cheese shoes from what was Rm120 now selling at Rm6.90.
Other than the brand, they are just the same

We are the best, we are the future, with the creativity we possessed we own this land. There will no tomorrows, without a little copycat, with our plagiarism and strategy we'll succeed.


Friday, March 23, 2007

About nothing at all

Once in a while, I'll go down to KL to visit my brother. And whenever I'm there it's pretty much of staying in the hotel and do nothing really. Like some guys if not most, I don't enjoy shopping as much unless I have certain things in mind to purchase. Food instead is more luring to me instead of wardrobe. This reminds me of a statistic carried in the States I read in the papers sometime ago, it said Food remains as the No.1 interest for men. While the second is women....

I like this Donut call 'Happy' at Dunkins'. It feels good when your food smile at you, even when they know you are going to eat them.

At the same time 1901 sausage is by far the best sausage I've eaten while ayamas hotdogs just frail in comparison.

But of course, snacks from fast food chains are usually more expensive than what is offered on a downtown street. I had this in a crappy hawker place near college 17.

My Rm3.50 curry noodles plus a Rm1.20 drink are still slightly cheaper than one 1901 sausage bun.

I also found this Doraemon cake in Carefour, although I knew it was going to taste bad, I still willingly bought it.

It's technically and merely Japanese Tau Sar pau.....

I like the ambiance when dining in a restaurant but their food is often stereotype. Try eating Danish pastries in 18 different hotels and they would all taste just the same.

Yeap, nothing special....

Except for the fact that you pay 10% service charge, 5% gov. Tax. And that gives you all the right to play with your food..... me


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Setting Priorities

Based on a true story.........

You see I really thought of closing down this blog and focus on doing things better, but I reclined to setting priorities right, time-wise and effort-wise because this blog is really one of the good things that I have. A good diary is great keeping it to yourself, but it's even better when everyone loves reading it.

I'll do it and someday you'll know it


Friday, March 16, 2007

A note for you


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Word Verification

How many of you have found the 'word verification' thing on blogger very fussy? I mean, I do get it if you don't want spams but it certainly comes with a price. I do understand when they ask you to fill in a few alphabets to make sure you are a human...

But when they offer you really loooooong and altered letters.........

It sometimes make me feel like I don't want to add a comment anymore. Just look at those words....

They are here to make your life complicated

You know what, perhaps the next time when you log on to my blog, I should let you complete a word verification like this before you leave an angry comment just for the fun of it.


Friday, March 09, 2007

I am 13, this is my wife

Anyone of you read this today? 13 year old among newly-weds

Have you ever wonder, what would have happened if you got married at the age of 13?

Would you want that to be among your fantasy in the night?

Fantasy might be just fun, but what happens if it turns into reality?

Ahhhh, this is year 2007 A.C, what is wrong with that community, you had just reached puberty! You know what that means? You have REACHED, but you damn haven FINISHED yet! Maikuku, your Lan Jiao don't even know how to stand properly yet, you want to get married. I am living in this country, me, me me me me, can you please spare me news like that. Just 3 days ago you told me our DIRECTOR OF ANTI CORRUPTION AGENCY IS CORRUPTED, now you tell me our 13 year olds are getting married! I don't blame the kids, they are young, they don't know any better but what is WRONG with the PARENTS! When you are 13, it's a crush, do you really need to go that far?

This is how I am going to introduce myself next time, 'Hi, I'm 13, this is my wife.' :D

That is sure one way to prevent premarital sex!


The Tag Game

WARNING: You Might End Up Puking After Reading This, Proceed At Your Own Risk!

I don't really play the tag game but some friends had tagged me and I reckon it to be rude if I don't reply.

The tag game is a simple game bloggers play to get people to say 6 weird things about themselves. And since I am in this, I have decided to tell you some really weird things, things that you should never know about me.......Grrrrrr

1) I am manipulative and dangerous, I pull my wallet extra slow after lunch so that you'll have enough time to stop me and offer to pay for everything.

2) I am a good pretender and a hypocrite, you wont know what's in my mind even when I am sweet talking you, my facial expression? Flawless.

3)I don't remember faults others do to me for a long long while because my revenge is always sucessful.

4)I know it when a person dislike me, and I will make sure everyone else dislike him. Ultimately, I am the popular dude, and you? 'L' on the head Loser.

5) You hurt me once, I'll kill you twice.

6) Some people say 'good lies are 90% truth', No they are wrong, 'Good lies are 100% truth', and that's what I tell.

Do you love me more now?

You Chiak Sai lah you, no, none of the things I said above is true, I found the tag game so pointless, what for you ask people to say weird things about themselves. Want to say also say good things mah. No wonder they say all bloggers are weirdos...... I quit.

P/S: Don't take this personally, the tag game is fine, I am just trying to make storm in a teacup


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mai Gu Liu

I was eating in one of the restaurant in Kuching when I found this funny menu, have a good look on how they name their drinks.

And of course, when there're boys, the girls gotta be around somewhere.

So I placed my order and called out Mr and Miss Strawberry. Apparently Miss Strawberry is taller and slimmer.

Below onwards you have to understand hokkien in order to get the joke, in the same menu, I found a tea by the name 'Gu Liu'. And it sounds much like a crude word in Hokkien.

So when the waitress speaks hokkien, it literally sounds like this

Waitress: Lu Ai Gu Liu Teh?

Andrew: Wah Mai Gu Liu.

Andrew (Turn to my friend and ask) : Lu Ai Gu Liu Boh?

Friend: Wa Pun Mai Gu Liu.

Anyway we ordered and the tea looks like this


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ain't that cute?

I saw a really cute boy in the papers today.

Ain't that cute?

For those questioning the autheticity of the picture, yes it is real, why can't you just believe it. Grrr......


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Chap Goh Mei Special

Yeah, it was the last day of Chinese New Year last night and I took some incredible pictures thanks to my neighbour who blew up tons of fireworks right above my head.

But of course, I mentioned about how Kuching works with its fireworks already so today I got something different. SEE this from the star newspaper

The Ang moh's Valentines day is to buy overpriced roses and chocolate, but the Chinese's version is relatively economical. All you need to do is buy an orange, write down your name, phone number and toss it into the lake. Whoever intrested in meeting ups will then pick up the orange and eat it.

So guessed what I did...

I thought it would be fun doing it because of what I read in the papers UNTIL I reached Kuching Waterfront where our river lies. The whole place was.....

And I was....

I was actually so naive to believe that Kuching people would actually spend time to throw oranges with their numbers and names into the river and took a hook to catch the oranges back only to call someone they don't know out of the blue to prove that they are desperate for love they would do anything.

In short, nothing happened la, no cha bohs, no chicks, no yeng zhai, no nothing la. The only attraction there are those Indians trying to sell homemade viagra call "Gambir Sarawak".

Anyway, I had a long walk along the waterfront and I consider that good excercise, I did throw 2 oranges after all. If anyone happens to grab it, I advise you to just peel it off and eat :S

With all due best wishes for the rest of the year ahead, let's live a great 2007 together

Happy Chap Goh Mei guys.....


Saturday, March 03, 2007

short talk

A guy came to my blog while searching for this at 12.30 a.m. Nope I'm not proud of it.

Note: 'this' may vary shortly after this post's released date.

In addition, I just took a Bible quiz answering 42 questions and the result shows:

You know the Bible 100%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
Create MySpace Quizzes

For your info I answered 'No' for the last question. And yeah, you can try out the quiz on your own and tell me how much you get on ya first trial.

For all you know, I am a blacklist in my formal church, my pastor loves me as the bible says "loves your enemy" and I get my ass kick every time I blog about Christianity.

Have a nice day, God bless....


Friday, March 02, 2007

Digi always the smarter choice

My phone rang in the middle of the night. I have been having spare money in my Digi prepaid account so I haven been reloading my phone. All I did was send Rm25 from my phone to mum's and sent it back from her's to mine. Doing that eventually buys me a week's call time and I have been doing that for 3 weeks. Out of these 3 weeks, the most irritating thing was that Digi happened to sms me everytime in reminding my expiry date at 2.20 a.m in the morning. And it's not cool when your phone rings at the hour of time.

I know it is stupid to reply to the 200 Digi number. But I just couldn't help to think that perhaps, I mean perhaps if I reply to them, it will get through and someone from Digi might read it. Hence I typed my message and sent it back to Digi.

Well, one thing for sure, they didn't reply me. But who cares anyway, we sometimes do stupid things in life and be happy about it. Yeah, and hotlink didn't pay me for doing this, but I would say Digi has a very problematic slogan. "Digi always the smarter choice", do you know people can turn that slogan around with a little twist like......