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Monday, January 29, 2007

The Gospel Of Hope

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Many teenagers get tired of church as they grow older. It is obvious that this too colourful world has too much to offer than the restrictions the church has to preach. Face the fact that no matter how good the church musicians play or no matter how revolutionized Christian music has become, from the transition of old hymns to contemporary planetshakers. Church music still frail in comparison with what the world has in store. Church music is boring. I stayed in a youth ministry for 4 years. Any time you walk in the room you’ll be finding a bunch of kangaroos jumping up and down singing their lungs out. While outwardly appeared to be excited, me, I’m talking about me, inwardly, I felt so bored. Duh……

There is a reason why teens get burnt out at some point of time. Even for those that served in the ministry for years. The reason is that people fail to grasp the gospel, the gospel I call hope. And preachers pay a great responsibility if not greatest. Because they missed out the gospel, they missed out the full gospel. I blame it heavily on the preachers because they serve as a mouth piece for God and they hold high accountability in a ministry. What then Andrew is this heck of a gospel you are talking about?! Now don’t you raise your voice against me. When I write you read, if you hate it, you leave. Never raise your voice against me because you are not qualified. I’m sorry, I may look like a decent boy outside but reality is that I pay respect to very few people. Especially preachers. I might look dumb when I sit down and listen to anyone blabbering. But rest assured before the sound of your voice had the chance to trigger the senses of my brain, I had already drew an early conclusion of what you are. I speak very boldly and arrogantly when I have to. Many times I don’t, but I am human.

Most churches today has appear to be a discipline school and a discipline school only that teaches people what to do and what not. They have only to tell you what you do wrong and what you should. Listen to me preach and see if you would like to agree.

”I know there are some terrible things that happened to you recently and you’re asking questions. I’m telling you that bad things happen sometimes because the Lord wants to test you. He is putting some trials and temptations to make your life harder so you’ll grow stronger. It is also a warning to you that you’ve been sinning and not listening to His voice. You are not very blessed but it is okay, if God wants to bless you he would, time will prove everything and you just have to be patience and wait. You should check yourself and see if there is anything wrong in your life first”

Before you read on, ask yourself, does that sound familiar?

If you agree with what I have just said up there, give yourself sometime, you’ll backslide soon.

Give any unbeliever that statement and see whether he wants to be a Christian.

What is wrong? You like to shout don’t you. Shout at me now, what is wrong with my statement?!

Our father in heaven, holy be thy name, thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven, give us today our daily bread, forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sins against us, do not bring us to the test…..

Did Jesus say, do not bring us to the test? Did Jesus pray to Our Father in Heaven that He may not lead us to tests? Oh I’m sorry, Jesus prayed wrongly, it appears that He is not all that smart either, let me correct Jesus, it should be, do not bring us to the test provided that when You want to test us so that we will grow stronger Amen.

You don’t like me saying that don’t you, ooh profanity, blasphemy, stone Andrew. Crucify him.

I don’t even need to explain, those who have brains let him understand. If you’re not very smart, don’t read, please don’t. It’s not suitable for you.

How about the check yourself theory, check yourself, see your sins, correct them or it’s making you die. That’s why you’re not blessed. What is wrong with this doctrine?

Owh, I know what is wrong, Jesus didn’t die on the cross. It was a conspiracy, He was just pretending He died on the cross, dying in your place, sacrificing for you to redeem you from hell! It was all pretending. NATO, Non-Action Talk Only. He didn’t washed your sins away though it is as scarlet as blood, he didn’t make you as white as snow. No He didn’t. Am I correct, or am I just being silly.

Sometimes, the gospel I received, the free gospel that brings salvation to all men that I once heard was not so FREE after all. There’s always some requirements I need to meet. There’s always some sins in my life I have to deal with. There is always some things I need to do in order to exchange God’s blessings. When things goes wrong, it’s always me that’s not good enough therefore I have bad times.

I’ve learnt wiser, not too wise but a little wiser. I learnt not to believe in men or men’s opinion or whatever random people have to say. I don’t even read random books from random writers, self-claming that they are great people, Christians whatsoever, I don’t trust them. I write too, I know what crap can comes up.

No wonder teens get bored of church.

There is just too much dirt that need to be wiped off. There is a need for a gospel revolution.


The reason people would prefer the more colourful world is that you owe them the colourful gospel. The one Jesus painted on it with his blood and all its glory.

Oh hail the veil is torn today,
the one which separated God from men
Oh hail now since the glorious death,
From now my God sees me face to face.

To hell with you those,
the precious mouthpieces of God,
Which fail to declare the glorious truth in its unaltered glory.

Preachers make it hard sometimes for people to be blessed.

I heard from a missionary friend some time ago, he told of a true story. He said one day a pastor was driving his cab down the street when he picked up a gay couple. Owh I’m sorry, you didn’t get it, I mean homosexual. Male to male, anal sex. You get it now? I love doing that, it jerks all the religious minds. From the conversation the pastor learnt that they are gay, so he asked if the couple goes to church. The man replied no, he added people like they are never welcome in churches. Church despise them much and often say they will go to hell one day. The pastor turn around and said to them “You don’t go to hell because you are gay, you go to hell because you don’t know Jesus”.

It is not the sin that should come first brother, God will deal with the sin, He can change them, just as He can bless you SINNER. But first, believe in Him……

Quote of the day: I know you sin everyday, yes, you do. If sin is a wall to separate you from heaven, you will surely go to hell. There must be some other way.


Are you going to die a virgin quiz

I have taken a handful of quizes on the web and I reckon many of them are lame, I might blog them up later but before that, let me introduce my self-written quiz to you.

Are you going to die a virgin?

Warning: This quiz is written by ME, I have faith to believe it has 0% of sense and accuracy. It is never meant to be taken by pilgrims and those with no sense of dark humour. If your country does not allow you to view such things, please ignore them.

  1. I think I am

  2. a sex god/goddess

    an average person

    a woman traps in a man's body/vice versa

    ugly but I hate the fact that I am

  3. I reckon I am

  4. a shy person but I am really really hot, I mean it

    a confident but ugly person

    a wolf in sheep clothing

    a human

  5. If I am a male I like to bring girls to dine

  6. in a hotel restaurant

    in my house

    in an overpriced restaurant to show how cool I am

    I don't bring girls out for dinner they bring me and they pay for it, just like how it happen for Andrew

  7. I am happily

  8. overweight



    All above

  9. I would choose to commit suicide when such things happen to me

  10. boyfren turns gay and have sex with your grandfather that sexually abused you before

    when Andrew decides to stop blogging

    26 different partners decided to breakup with you after he/she kissed you

    I'll never commit suicide

  11. You believe you are

  12. a result of evolution and you came from apeman

    a creation of God and totally unique

    gifted the gift of celibacy

    abducted by aliens before

  13. If you really have to choose you would prefer becoming

  14. a priest

    a monk

    a dog

    a terrorist

  15. Assume that you believe in after-life, in your next life you wanna become

  16. a prostitute

    a proton car

    Andrew's underwear

    the same me now

  17. Again, you think you are

  18. gay, but you know you want to be heterosexual

    straight, but you want to be gay

    really afraid of having no partner for the rest of your life

    stop asking, I already had sex

  19. When you are very very angry, totally readied to sin, you'd use the langguage below

  20. you cheap whore!

    you son of a bitch!

    you ill-mannered punk

    Holy Buddha!

Note: If you pick "I'll commit suicide if Andrew stops bloging", you get zero mark for that question. Highest score can go up to 1000/1000 and it shows that you not going to die a virgin at the same time pretty desperate. Lowest score goes as low as 20/1000


Friday, January 26, 2007

Awarded but not too proud

This morning I woke up to checked my junk mail and I found this

Someone call what Bill Austin emailed me and told me that I have won a crappy 'blog of the day award' which is as a matter of fact, a site that he started giving free html blog awards to people, I am okay with the award thing, just that no money given also considered as an award one? Americans are very free.

Actually I have already attacked this site some time ago here, he also replied to my rants here, but I guess Americans are pretty liberated people, they wont hate you anyhow when you express your opinons. They just send 20,000 troops to your country that's all.

After my lightning fast Asian mind analyses this award thing, I found out that it's a total conspiracy. That blog has 940 links from 312 blogs and he rank 9190 in technorati. Ooh, I see it's just a site that wants to get popular by giving people html code.

Anyway, he did something good by awarding me, so I'm just gonna fall into his trap and put the code on my site.

Pui, when am I gonna get to do something big in life than typing stuff behind a square monitor. I have dreams to soar, great and wild dreams ---- just that it's outside this virtual world.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Your Celebrity Face

A friend introduced me to while telling me that this site would analyses faces for people and tell them which celebrity do they look like. Boy, isn't that a great way to make a good site. It's like fulfilling everyone's dream to become a celebrity. So, the thick faced me with a fat body, no packs and man breasted chest decided to give it a try.

I started off with my blog's template face which shouldn't be new to you

The site analysed and Tada! They told me that I am 60% GONG LI LOOKALIKE! I literally choked on my saliva and decided hence that I'll go for a nose job like Xiaxue.

Even more amusing, I was 46% alike to Nicole Kidman, I thought that's not very bad, but I have faith to believe that the site was built to hurt me after all, they showed me the ugliest picture of Nicole I've ever seen. I mean, the hair looks like retarded seaweeds.

Thinking that it should be all, my worst nightmare came to past when...

So I rubbed my head on the hair and comforted myself that it was just a lousy picture, I got better pics than my blog template, I'll just retry and it'd be better, So I did it again, this time with this pic which I reckon isn't too bad looking

Seriously that's all I got, hoping not to be disappointed, the face analysis came up only to show me a dead man's picture who I don't even know! WAY TO GO WITH THE CROOKED HAND!

What have I done to deserve this, I'm a virgin, I don't have a girlfriend and I suppose that isn't bad enough.

So I thought, I'm not the only blogger in Kuching, there are other bloggers, I should try them out and see what they look like, perhaps they'll be even worse. I decided to try Kenny Sia since he's so much indulged in fame, he's a Kuching dude, so he wont look much better than me after all. To be fair, I put on his best picture.

Lo and behold, that crappy site gave me such result

That guy looked like Lee Hom? Great, I'm starting to believe that Kuching can snow and pigs can climb on trees.

I am so pissed, you're reading me, I said I am pissed. I took out my phone, it's 1.36 a.m, I'm wearing my white singlet preparing to go to bed, I took a random picture and sent it to be analysed.

Good things happen to people who believes God loves them

Any resemblance is purely coincidental


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Because I care

I have my very own share of point views when it comes to freedom of speech. As the news where Jeff and Attan, the two Malaysian bloggers who got sued recently by The New Strait Times Press for defamation was brought to my acknowledgement. I was actually happier then sad. I was partially delighted because firstly, it’s not me who is getting sued and more importantly Malaysia is finally getting into business and facing the much avoided.

It has been long enough and a social joke when we Malaysians are oppressed in a way or another to keep in heart things unsaid and unsung. Obviously freedom of speech exists in this country but its freedom has her own limits. Then of course, never in a million light years have I dreamt for Malaysia to be as liberal as the United States where criticisms and opinions can be express so freely and boundless. Yet a little knowledge of World History would tell you that the States itself came a long way to reach what it is today. Malaysia which has just celebrated her 50th birthday had of course frail and fails in comparison to achieve maturity in its politics. As a result, we fail in many other kinds.

It will not take very much wisdom to understand that whatever Malaysia touches turns to stone. Our national airlines and national car company share their misery in shame while their were once a pride yet speaks of a different story today. We are generally weak towards competition and the only way for Malaysian based company to survive is to monopoly the market. A good company to go down next would be TM Net if there’d ever be any competition to arise. Doubtless to say there is something very wrong with ourselves and our system as a nation. The rich gets richer, the corrupted stays corrupted, the minority stays minor, the people stays silent. All are angry but none choose to speak up because they are fearful that someday somehow they will be put to jail and be filed under the ISA which is also commonly known as the Irrational Security Act.

I believe it will take a longer while before Malaysia starts to learn from all sorts of mistakes made and is making before we could finally step out as a first world country. I’m not a prophet but I would say we probably need another 50 years. If there’s a biggest problem, if you would kindly join me in acknowledging the truth, I would say that Malaysia has not yet come to a point where perfect unity in diversity is achieved. Nothing good will ever come out when several members in a family bites each others head off and expect their home to be vision 2020. Like Martin Luther King said in his prestigious political speech while campaigning for his own kind, quoting from him “I wish to see that little black boys and black girls join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers. I have this dream today.” It is not until we are able to do so, that we would see the slightest change for good in our current system. Yet that is just one of the many evil roots.

My hope is that the coming up generation will be different. If possible, better. The last thing I would like to do is to complain about everything this nation has to offer, like what I observed from the adults who had been here for a while. I am for the good of my country and its people, I am colour blind as long as you would join me in this sickness.

Someday Malaysia will soar, yet it is very much a wonder, when will the day come.


Monday, January 22, 2007

The Daily Quote

1) Absence sometimes makes the heart grow fonder, while other times, it makes us forget

2) If you don’t like listening to my elaboration, I can simplify them into TWO words

3) The best way to prevent Aids from spreading is to have one partner

4) I believe in abstinence club just as I believe in miracles

5) Life is never interesting, you just have to make it

6) The reason I don't like taking up responsibilities is that I am too responsible

7) I am not gay, I just didn't find any girls that believe I'm not

8) Those who condemn wealth are those who have none and see no way in getting it

9) Teacher loves to say 'Be hardworking like the ants', I would tell my children 'Be a dinosaur'

10) Briefs are sexier than boxers

Disclaims: Some quotes may not be original while most of them are


Friday, January 19, 2007

Amelican Idioto

I have a crappy fans club in friendster. I set it up for humour's sake but a few friends gave face and joined. However I knew none adore me because

And because I was using a picture with me drinking Pepsi, one of my friends ask me "how much did coca cola pay you for ruining Pepsi like that?"

It seems like everybody wants to be some sort of idol, in Malaysia alone we have more than 14000 groupings under the 'fans club' and still growing. What's with the world anyway, we are living in a society too comfortable we have nothing better to do. Take it from me.

Even worse, my goodness, the American Idol is on the run, and watching the show makes me puke. It's not the singing but the attitude, somebody help them. What is wrong with all those people craving for fame. Especially those 16 year old. I can't believe I'm watching big boys run out of the room crying because they don't get to Hollywood and they fail big time to kick off fame? You know what I think, I think they need Jesus.......full stop

I'm not going to watch American Idol again, at least not the audition part. They don't live in a real world, I do, I live in a second world country. I'm more alive.


It happens

Having reformatted my computer, I accidentally lost 2 entries worth of pictures even when I had already saved up a backup copy. It just happens sometimes. The only picture I have left is this

Bought it for RM16 in Snow World

And my head that feels like this

Anyway I think there are 2 more people that are having a head blowing experience. They are both Jeff Oii and Ahiruddin Attan. The 2 Malaysian bloggers sued by New Straits Time Press for defamation. They will be in court and it will be interesting.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

CM's Menu

It happened that our local English Daily 'The Borneo Post' was lauching their new Sunday Edition Papers call 'The Sunday Post'. It's a pretty meaningless thing to do since the papers is still written by the same journalists and editors from Monday to Sunday. But I guess they just want to stir something new, appeal a fresher look or remind the public that they are still alive and kicking. Like bloggers changing their html templates.

So it was, the press gather together and they had a lauching party at Crown Towers last Saturday. The following day, I went to Crown Towers and I found a piece of paper sticking on one of the doors. I'm no paparazi but it's going to be pretty lame when I tell you what it is. I found the CM's (Chief Minister) menu of the day........

And when I read the menu, I learnt that what the CM got to eat were totally different from what the normal VIP got to munch. Now that's what I call style. It's like me going out with you, and I get to eat Sharkfin while you drink potato soup. I love the CM.

A crapped up menu

CM eats Sashimi and CLEAR Vegetable soup. It's not just vegetable soup, it have to be clear

While the rest eats Village Chicken

That's just the way it's suppose to be.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Spin City

The world can never get more ridiculous today. I was in a cafeteria the other day while cruising the menu....

.....I found this.

I had a hard time figuring why on earth I was even there at the first place. On the other hand, I paid a visit to a chocolate house last week, it was my first time thou to meet this chocolate.

It cost me RM25 per pack and I didn't buy it for the taste but rather more for the experience

It was the worse chocolate I've ever eaten

I also spotted my own share of 'Engrish' tags when I found a Meat Ball Soup promo banner which was slightly misspelled

It also comes along with a unbelivabale Egg YORK crab

For those that didn't have any idea, I would like to surprise you that my name isn't Andrew Ho at all. Andrew is just what everybody calls me since I was 5 years old until today. But if you would like to forged my signature and attend to my million dollar account, I would advise you to put down my right name by law. Which is....

Ho Yong Zhou

Many at times people just take the initiative and make it Andrew Ho Yong Zhou. Though it is not my nature to brag but sometimes it's just too hard to be humble when you are perfect in everyway. As I have gotten relatively famous by the day, this was what I found in one of the lifts in Genting Highlands.

Aren't you just jealous, I'm the first blogger to have a food naming after me. As far as the world is concern, I don't hear any kennysia coconuts or xiaxue fake nose. But you'll always have Yong Zhou Fried Rice, now and forever hallelujah.

As for now, hail to this ridiculous world that's killing it's inhabitants off sanity and norm, I am currently negotiating with the transport ministry to put this sign in every road corners and roundabouts in Malaysia. Have a great day.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Genting Walk

I stayed in First World Hotel during my visit to Genting. First World claimed to be the largest hotel in the world with over 6000 rooms. It is big but not exactly luxurious since all the rooms are compactly small. Genting can be very misty when evening falls, you can actually capture the clouds in a plastic bag. They will eventually condense into water droplets.

Theme parks and Casinos are unbeatable the main attractions in Genting. I wasn’t off age to enter the casinos and I don’t feel like bribing the security guards. They say you can go in by handling a Rm50 note to the guards if you’re under 21. Anyway, I decided to pay the theme parks a visit.

I am an adult

A 3 park deal tag let you play for one whole day at the 3 different parks available, which is the outdoor, indoor and the water park. The indoor park is pretty lame except for bumper cars which I happened to line up again and again for it. Outdoor park however is great.

I love these two, they just make you appreciate life more.

Cock Screw

Space Shot

And of course, there are also the less challenging ones for losers and high cholesterols.

And to those who refuse to admit that they are weak, you’ll probably end up like me.

The picture was taken so badly in doesn’t show any of my manliness. So I decided to take the ride again, this time despite of the thrill, we were very conscious of the camera. I was proud of the outcome.

Nevertheless, there are games that require you to paddle on water.

Or riding on a go-cart.

I can drive.

Beside the overprice food, I would say that Genting is a fun place to go.


Don't make me pee on you

Aloha, I'm back and kicking! To explain my absence I was down to KL with some of my classmates last week. We went to a few places but there's not much to talk about except having a little more fun in Genting. I did some of the coolest things there, like this:

I love you baby but I've just reached home from the airport, that makes me lazy and tired, so just give me a day before I put on something more spicy okay.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Short Talk

Hi everybody, I'll be away for a week from 3 Jan to 9 Jan. Good guys need a break sometimes. Meanwhile, enjoy my entry below, regards.


A letter for them

I now understand what it means when they say you'll never understand until you experienced it on your own. However there are certain things which I'll never have a chance to experience, for example, ovulating. But of course there are also other things where we all share in common experiences. The time has come and it is now for me to miss you, all of you.

I started missing the days when we used to talk about our plans for a future so near yet seemed so far. The future that was always spoken of has come and it is today. I did not expect it to be pleasant as decisions are made to walk our separate ways, but neither did I think that it would be that bad. It has been a while since I felt so numb in heart, it has also been a while since I lost my appetite. It came too much of a surprise, I wasn't ready to lose anyone of you, and I wasn't ready to make new friends.

"And summer hath too short a date", Shakespeare was right when he said that good times are often too short. Like the evening sun so beautiful yet sets in its own time. I wished I could cry like a baby girl, but somehow I did not. I teared in the heart.

I know your faces, our experiences, the every day when we used to meet, to study and have fun, I know all these someday I might forget in time. Perhaps I may not even be mindful again on the same day of the month next year. But it doesn’t matter, because right at this moment, I have to say that I love you.

I should now take a deep breathe, knowing in heart that we might not cross path again for a long time, knowing that opportunities are less than more for us to meet and be like how we were. The ‘used to be’ shall never repeat itself again. But I shall make this prayer, as much as I hesitated, I pray that as we divide for better plans and paths, may the Lord prosper you with a hope and a future. I am Andrew, your high school classmate.