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I view writing as an intellectual pursuit that requires much thoughts,patience,creativity and imagination.As an amateur writer,The Daily Blog is an account of my inspirations as I venture into uncharted waters to explore new horizons in literature.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

About Me

My name is Andrew Ho. I am the Chinese below.

I was born on the 18 of April 1989. That makes me 17 this year. But often at times, people tend to think that I am older by first impression. I only have an elder brother, that again makes me the youngest in the family.

I am jobless as I'm still schooling. But I don't really mind to make more money, So if you have a job or you are very generous you feel like giving me extra pocket money, I will appreciate it if you can email me.

I'm pretty much a laid-back boy, not really the coolest dude in town. I say that because I'm neither slim nor masculine nor have six packs (petak sawah), neither too smart nor pretty or is very rich. Teens very much think that it's cool to play music, but the 2 instruments that I've ever tried taking up in life is a harmonica and 'erhu' (Chinese fiddle) which I stopped playing after finishing grade 2. Not even one girl is thrill by me in knowing that.

I live in Kuching city, the capital for Sarawak located in Malaysia. If you have no idea where is it, it is somewhere near Los Angeles, you just need to take a bus down from LA to Vegas and walk down the broad way until you see the big sign board that says 'I am sorry I don't know where Malaysia is"

Kuching city, like New York, just smaller

Some people believes that people in Sarawak really lives on tress and caves, thanks to our tourism board that only knows how to take pictures of rivers and wooden boats (sampan) while doing tourism promotions. Well if this makes you happy, this is my house.

you wont believe the kind of life I live

Ooh sorry, that's my dream house, this is my real house

Niah Caves in Sarawak

I enjoy hanging out with friends over drinks and movies. They pretty much like me because I am very handsome, kind, generous, friendly, sporting Aiya, never mind lah!

My interest falls on writing, speaking, bowling, badminton, making fun of people and laugh with them. In my free time I like watching talk shows, sitcoms and anything to do with laugh. I enjoy public speaking which I grabbed a few prizes before and I dream to be a comedian which I don't think it will ever come true.

this photo is taken when I was 14

The greatest achievement in life is to take photo with our Chief Minister's Rolls Royce. I hope he reads my blog.

And the greatest achievement for the rest of female in this world is to take picture with me

Lily was a foreign exchange student from Thailand

So this is me, you are reading The Daily Blog which I started to fill free time fruitfully. Yes, making you spend time just to browse through my site is indeed fulfilling (Nah). It is also a channel for my fans friends and family to cruise and know what's going on with me, also an outlet for me to go post on anyone who makes me angry and shoot them until every single fur on their body drops down. I am a kind gentlemen. I am Andrew.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

I am big bomb king, only smarter

Someone by the name P-T posted me a comment for the post 'announcing giveaway winner'. It read:

Seriously!! Have u heard kenny sia's voice? Cant stop laughing when hearing his voice..his is also quite sexy with lower tone voice, but cant stand the strong malaysian accent..hehehe..U attend church rite? Are u involve in praise and worship ministry or some kind?

This was my reply:

I am the choir conductor for Don Moen's concert 2004, hillsongs church lead and solo singer throughout 2005 and for the first 4 months of 2006 I work for Comedy Central writing scripts and jokes for South Park, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Planetshakers invited me many times to co-compose and sing for their albums but I declined nearly all of them because my contract with Delirious has not come to an end. I am also the 3rd in chair vice chancellor for Andrew Wommack's Bible School and is currently very involve with the Bush Administration.Actually more towards the press secretary although my duties include running errands for the oval office. I have been the senior correspondent for white house and was twice nominated for the Pulitzer prize. Because I was talented in producing good literary work, I was also announced last year as one of the listed lyrics writer in the composer hall of fame NY. I am currently scheduled to receive the Nobel literature prize in Dec 2008, the prize will be given at Stockholm University. I am also running for the republican party and hopefully the Americans will vote me to be their in-coming president. It has been hard for me because the Democrats are recently hitting very hard on me. If you watch CNN really close, I am going to be interviewed on the Larry king's show next week. Following I will also feature in Fox News. Beyond all that I am pretty much the average guy, my dream is never to achieve fame, but I can't help also when people want to praise me, on the other hand, there is nothing more satisfying for me then to contribute to world peace whereby mankind can live together in harmony as citizens of the world, not just merely to their own country. Like Giordano I wish to paint a 'world without strangers'. Thank you.

No I have not heard kennysia's voice. I did another lousy clip again.Will post it when I feel like to bluff people soon.After that I am taking a short break from blogging because I have exams running. Have a nice day. God bless you. What is your question again?


Friday, October 27, 2006

It’s a heart breaking beautiful Friday Night

These are the days when I am missing you, give me the joy, give me the taste of summer wine. And these are the days of endless dreaming, I feel the sweetness of the sun and I feel fine. It’s a heart breaking beautiful Friday tonight, it is suppose to be so if you look at the day but not life itself. Because the truth is that none is too good in the life of this too fallen earth.

In the fog of the war, details get overlook, Facts become irrelevant, truth becomes fiction, knowledge becomes ignorant, night becomes day, chaos reign, tear off your history books and live in a cave, this is mankind day one

People don’t like me speaking in metaphors, they don’t very much appreciate it. But I’m not really bimbo, and if you’re wondering what bimbo means, it’s an offensive term for a man or woman who is regarded as being unintelligent or superficial. And if you don’t know what superficial means, it is a word to say a person for being shallow in character or attitude. But I have to say that being profound doesn’t mean sitting alone at the back in the seats of life dwelling alone pathetically craving for companionship you never get to reach. It does for a few, but then those were them that used to live in ancient China writing sensible poetry or those committing suicide after getting out of the asylum like Van Gogh or Hemingway. No kidding, Starry Night by Van Gogh and Da Vincent from Don Mclean had been very inspiring to me.

Literature is never boring for those that see and feel, read and understand, think and interpret, dream and live in reality while treating both just the same. It is never, for those that start living and stop existing.

It’s a heart breaking beautiful Friday Night.


Announcing giveaway winner

I am annoucing the Daily blog giveaway contest via voice clip through youtube. So check it out if you have nothing better to do =)

The public url is

Refer to the contest here


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Daily Quote

I'm coming up with a new label call 'The Daily Quote'. 10 quotes will be posted every time. Most of them are from me although some might not. Pick your favourite quotes and tag them on your MSN, remember to give the daily blog credits because that sure makes my balls bigger. Here we go......

1) My girl says I am fat I told her she has no breast, we tie.

2) My idea of getting married is making love on the top of the mountain in a thunderstorm.

3) I am not controversial, it’s just you being primitive.

4) I am not offended by what you say, the dog can bark and bark at the moon but the moon still keeps on shining.

5) They say it’s very Sia Soi to go out with me, how funny these people actually think they have an image.

6) For every girl that falls for me, my friends say she’s blind. That’s probably because they all have similar experience.

7) Some say I’m hot, most think I’m cool, all think I’m sexy.

8) I like to dream, that’s the only realm where people don’t hurt me.

9) Stop resisting, you know you want it.

10) You think you very keh si, I don’t want to fren you!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Feel Like Sunday

powered by ODEO

Everyday ain’t Sunday, you oughta know since you lived till now. And every time when things happen to go wrong, it makes you miss all the more the good times you once had.

The sun won’t be shining everyday, you oughta know because you seen rain. And how it came like a wet blanket over your day you thought it must be good.

When I was small I thought life should be an easy cruise, and after I grew older I realized that it’s not, it wasn’t fair it’s not.

I wake up to sleep again, you know how it feels to live life like Garfield, and aimlessness kills

I always tell myself, tomorrow will be better. It should be, because today isn’t. You know how it feels to recollect hope. When it appear as if it’s never there, and everything else, is gray…


Monday, October 23, 2006

Alliance Rubbing

I learned that good bloggers, those usually with a handful of readers has the habit of reviewing various products. And they are catching people's attention, especially those doing on technology, computers, softwares, handphones, hang out areas, food and even fashion. So I thought to myself, why not I negotiate with some dealers and let them have me review their stuff too. Having the intention on my mind now I managed to turn dreams into reality. Proudly, this is what I would love to recommend my readers if there's any. ladies and gentlemen...

Alliance Rubber Band Company!

When you need to tie, when you need something tight, or when you simply need to get that lizard on your ceiling down. You need Alliance Rubber Band! It makes your life so convenient, boys you can avoid going to toilet too often with just a good tight tie.

The packaging is so simple, you don't even need a scissor to strip it off. It also come in packs like our good old friend Durex. (I never used it before, so don't ask me for a review, I believe in abstinence) Big packs small packs, pack one in your bag today!

To compete with the vicious world out there, Alliance Rubber band is always on the competitive edge, innovatingly making their product always so luring, always tempting and always so bouncy~ Going along with sense and sensuality, cruising along with the latest fashion, Alliance also provide you coloured rubber bands!

I am not just a big mouth ladies, I bought it, I tried it, I tied it. Here is how smooth and how strong the grip is when you put on. It applies to all surfaces and most importantly, it don't snap easily! Alliance Rubber is strictly obeying the International Standards of "rubber must be able to pull up to 5.5 inches because that's the way it is". (what the?)

here it is, you got it all, so what are you waiting for, click here to purchase Alliance Rubber band now! Who need some Alliance rubbing?

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Celebrity and Bloggerity

The blogging era is actually a very young one, this I say because one of the oldest blogger in the world has started blogging somewhere just 11 years ago. Yet after those painstaking starts from the pioneers, it is now one of the fastest growing culture on the net, along with wat-cha-ma-call-it like friendster or my space. As usual, in every field we have the good and famous ones, today, The Daily Blog feature a few of the asian bloggers that are very much hit by the popular waves.

I should say I personaly think that blogger fame is never like celebrity fame, and it probably won't ever be. That's because bloggers usually don't have millions of fans lining up to get their autograph, Hollywood hiring them to make their movies or fanatic girl printing their faces on their G-String.

But it is always good to have a dream. Yes it is, no one should stop you from dreaming, because it is absolutely healthy, free and necessary. If you ever dream to become really popular as a blogger, keep on dreaming, as long as it makes you happy, (duh). As a matter of fact, today I am already trying to make your dream featuring as if they are near reality. If bloggers happen to be just like hits hot celebrity, I gladly present to you a new word-----------Bloggerity

Ladies and gentlemen, featuring star today, one of the hottest blogger on the net, climbing her blog to every blog-buster, filling off the screen with her controversial posts, photo editing each of her pictures, Xiaxue! And if she were to be a celebrity, her bloggerity-fame rate climbs so high in the celebrity-metre, she would literary be Jennifer Anniston! Join me in welcoming her.

I am pretty, I am bimbo, I fetch 180 comments even if I were to post an empty entry on my pinky princessy blog

Next on the list would be our dear Mr. Brown. A talented man, started bloging since 1997, knows a lot of things, every minute you sign on to his blog simply means 1725 readers online. Bloggerity fame very high, celebrity-fame says, you are Andy Lau! And you should know that Andy Lau celebrated more than 300 awards and is in the World Guinness Record, that's him, that's Brown.

I came a long way for this, but still am very energetic, I'm so proud I'm humble

And coming up next, is the funger (a combination of the word fun and blogger), Kenny Sial Sia! A down to earth man with a flair on humor. He writes just what he likes, adding jokes to make people smile. A wonderful man with a big heart. And most importantly, he short-talked me on his blog. You made the right decision man. Bloggerity-fame high, celebrity fame thinks you are Tony leung! Tony's acting skills brought forth a new generation of immitators but none equal. Kenny as well, brought forth a generation of funny people?

I love coconuts, do you like me?

And last but not least, we have a not so famous blogger, a very average and normal male that is trying his best to lead a normal life, yet behind those little dreams, he managed to melt the hearts of millions of girls across the earth towards Venus...

That's it ladies and gentlemen, I have now blogged a few entries on fun and leisures over the days. Now allow me to get my own life and go for a little while. Here is it, your moment is in.

Disclaim: All pictures featured do not mean any intentions to attack or disgrace the bloggers. If you like it, post them to your favourite blogger and let them know the good news that they have just been celebritised.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I seriously have to get back to studies after this,so laugh for 1 and a 1/2 month before I post again

Remember the old saying that goes like, " the wise think alike"? You know, I really believe in that, just that I being the more controversial one would also like to introduce ya "the wise look alike" See this:

Einstein's tongue is longer and sharper

Albert Einstein: Put you hand on the hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute, THAT's relativity.

Andrew Ho: Spend RM17.90 to buy a reference book, and it seems very expensive. Spend Rm120 odering porn, and it seems very worth it, THAT's perversity!

And if you are smart, you should know that after the line "the wise think alike", there's also one that follows, it is none other than---- "fools never differ". I am not sure about this, but I just feel like posing this picture, I hope no one gets hurt.

I am cuter ?

Kenny Sia: I like a nice skinny latte and I still drink alcohol socially, but I don't smoke

Andrew Ho: I am underage, I simply can't do anything....

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Friday, October 20, 2006

When You Wish Upon a Star

powered by ODEO

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.
Anything your heart desire will come to you.
If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme,
When you wish upon the star, as dreamers do….

A boy was at the beach, picking up starfishes that were washed to the shore, naively throwing them back to the sea. He knew starfishes couldn’t live by the sand for it will soon die. A tourist walked by and asked what he was doing, he replied “I’m sending them back to the sea”. The man laughed and said, you’re not making a difference at all, there are hundreds of starfishes along the beach, you can’t send them all back to sea”. The boy, with one hand, picked a starfish, threw it, responded and said “at least I made a difference for this one”.

Being noble need not means jumping off like superman and save the world. Honestly not all of us are influential figures that can change the world with a snap of our fingers. But yet, ordinary people like you and I have the privilege to do extraordinary things, if only we learn that even through seemingly insignificant actions of ours, we may and we can touch one’s life.

Fate is kind, she brings to those who love the sweet fulfillment of their secret longing. Like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in and sees you through, when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.

I know this is an awkard thing to ask but........pick me?


Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Got Featured

After having post the previous entry, I feel like my blog has turned bimbo. I have been doing this blog for months now writing literary and philosophical articles and my page hits seems to rise pretty slowly. But 2 days after the Double A giveaway below, I got more than 5000 page hits (and that does not include the ones I log on myself) When people ask me how I did it, I say easy…..I commented on Kenny Sia’s LG entry saying that there’s a give away at this site, so probably out of his 10000 readers, 5000 less fortunate ones got tricked. But I was happy some tagged me to say that this is a great site.

Apparently, Kenny browsed my blog and put a short notice on his Short Talk in reply of my humor. Anyway, I am going to withhold my integrity and continue my blog as a channel for friends and family, writing articles that I think is note-worthy and none-bimbo, when I say none-bimbo, I am not referring to Xia Xue

Seriously, she might be a lot of gossips, but they are fun. People enjoy it and I am not against it, if you don’t believe me, go here , it's something I'm working on.

Back to what I was saying, to avoid bimboness , I will take up the challenge to stop posting overly high resolution pictures of myself with extremely lousy editing that is fit only as a laughing stock.

No no no, in my next entry I’ll talk about church…yeah….I promise, no more craps. Substantiality is my first aim when I write. No more crappy stuffs….

Okay, I will pay anyone who is willing to teach me photoshop.


Must be from Lim KoK Wing because my mum’s surname is Lim, so we are partially related some 560 years ago in China.

At least a diploma holder on related fields

Must be funny

You gotta know how to do boob jobs with photoshop

Must be a girl

You have to know how to speak either English, Mandarin, Malay, Hokkien or Cantonese cuz other than that, I don’t understand anything.

You have to celebrate at least 2 or more awards below:Miss Universe 2000 or onwards, Miss Asia 2000 or onwards, Miss World 2000 or onwards, Miss China 2000 or onwards, Nominated for at least one Emmy, Nominated for at least one Oscar, Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, Dublin IMPAC Bookprize and The ISA triple W Up and Down Joking Contest (what the heck is that?)

Please don't come and tell me you are Miss World 1978, I am not into antiques.

Blow No Job experience required

And last but not least, you still have to be funny.

Church…..I am going to write about church next time, no more bimbo……

This post is sponsored by

No kidding, Kok Wing has a wife that carry 2 watermelons on the chest, if you know what I mean.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Daily Blog GIVE-AWAY

You know this Kenny Sia is having a LG chocolate handphone give-away oh. And I thought to myself, ta mah de (mandarin crude slang) how on earth he Kuching people so popular until LG want to let him give-away their product. Well, me oh, although never think I am gonna be any lucky in my life to win one also play-play put a comment there. There he asked a question and whoever answers best will get the phone, the question sounds like this "Is there a desperate addict in your life?" or in simple english, he wants us to tell him stories about desperate situation in our life. So me leh, with the nick Ah Ho posted a comment (comment no.22, quite in front) that sounds like this:

I went up to the girl and pointed 3 fingers. RM300 can or not? She pointed back at me with one finger up only.... :(

Haiyo, chia lat... (hokkien)

But ladies and gentlemen, have no worry, in the Daily blog, I have also talked to one of the worldwide companies to have a great GIVE-AWAY! It is none other than the DOUBLE A QUALITY PAPERS! Whoever answers my question correctly will receive a give-away from The Daily Blog of A PIECE OF DOUBLE A A4 SIZE QUALITY PAPER!

So what are you waiting for, answer my Question right now, here it goes:

"Am I Handsome?"

There it is, the question worth a piece of paper! And also there can be more than one winner! Like I say, you're just steps away from Double A

P/S: Only Malaysian address will be delievered. Trust me, as true as diamond one, see my face, I'll never lie

This entry was linked by Kenny Sia as blog plug of the day

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Friday, October 13, 2006


Kuching Town No.1 might not be the best school in town, but we sure have the biggest frog.

And to see this frog are sometimes the only reason I go to school... ... XD


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

When I Can See

I learned how beautiful the world could be, when I learned to see the beauty out of others, just as others see the beauty in me. ‘Not what I was, but what I could be’. Look at me now, I am neither too good nor too bad. If weaknesses are the yardsticks to judge my character, I shall gladly fail. For me like you, are just mere mortals. One out of the many faces in this world. From dust we came and to dust we shall become.

'To love me is to know me’, the quote I knew many years ago, the meaning I learnt many years after. Perhaps to you it may rather sound a little self-centered or very much superficial, but would you think again if I were to twist a word or two and say it like this “To love you, is to know you”….

And in knowing I mean to aside all my dignity and self-esteem, to level myself to your standard, to know you as you and to love you as you. If you are wondering by now whether I am such a man or whether I am a Saint, well again gladly I’ll tell you No. Oh boy, I am only human.

It takes two hands to clap, just as it takes two people to make love. I learned how beautiful the world could be, when I learned to see the beauty out of others, just as others see the beauty in me. Think now, start thinking.


Haze Off

Behind every cloud, there's always a silver lining, Just as behind every mask, there's always a pretty face...... (Please don't throw stones at me)

Our neighbouring country is having their annual 'Barbeque Forest Festival' again. It seems like they are enjoying it so much this year, they did it twice! This is exactly the second time they are showing off how well they can burn stuff. Kuching City already very kolian (pitiful) you know, we don't have impressive sky scrappers, huge megamalls, fancy highways, pretty girls, high-tech industries and now you are taking clean air away from us? Want us all to go jump river meh? Now I have to cover my Leng Zhai, Edison Chen look-alike, pretty, sexy,maikuku, face with a mask somemore... ... You compensate me you!


Sunday, October 08, 2006

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