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I view writing as an intellectual pursuit that requires much thoughts,patience,creativity and imagination.As an amateur writer,The Daily Blog is an account of my inspirations as I venture into uncharted waters to explore new horizons in literature.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Faith goes with the evidence�not contrary to the evidence

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Sun Rises Tomorrow (short story)

In 1957, I traveled to Durban city in South Africa. I was one of the finest writers for the largest news press in Britain. Being a great patriot expressing myself through countless articles, I earned myself several National Laureates and the Queen knighted me “Sir” in 1955. That particular year I went to Durban for I was asked to conduct a meeting with a group of journalist who were starting another branch of our news press. Durban was a beautiful city.
I took off in the morning reaching Durban in the late evening. My desire was to finish my work as soon as I could and get back to Britain for I knew that I was not very welcomed in this land. The apartheid was the hot-buttoned issue in South Africa during those years. Any white man like me would never like to stay too long there.
The next day, I conducted the meeting and it ended in the afternoon. I was relieved that I had finished my job. My colleague, Robert, kindly brought me to a coffee house to try out the famous Durban Black Tea. As I was entering the coffee house, I could see a small sign by the door, it read “No dogs and coloured skin.”
I sat down in the shop and took a good sip of fragrant tea. Through the glass of the window I could see a man, a black man in his thirties, carrying a stake of paper trying to paste them on the wall. I thought he was probably one of the protestant. These people were constantly trying to create reformation, at the same time removing segregation and discrimination. Deep in my heart, I sympathised them for how they were being treated, though I was a white man myself.
I walked out of the coffee house and moved towards him. Before I could get near him, he turned his head to me and said “What do you want?”
I stopped immediately and kindly asked him “Can I have a piece of your article, like you, I am also a writer.”
“Do you know how to spell the word ‘liberation’?” The man replied my question with another.
“I do, believe me I do, would you like to have a cup of tea with me.” I asked
“I am not allowed to enter the shop.” The man replied.
I walked towards him, put my hand on his shoulder, and said “No man would dare to stop you as long as you are with me, Sir Jack of England”.
I sat down with him in the coffee house and dismissed Robert from the table. I took one of his papers and on it was an article entitled “Do not judge us by our skin, but our heart…” He told me that his name was Olujah. He was indeed a protestant actively fighting the apartheid across the nation. He also shared to me how his father went to jail and was murdered for being a strong critic who produced many articles against the discriminations in society. It had been his life long ambition, hoping that through writing, he could make a difference in his country. Before we ended our conversation. He took out his pen and said “Sir Jack, look at this pen, I believe that my pen is sharper than any two-edged sword, and with it, I shall make a difference for my people who are suffering, even if I have to die for it like my father did. I shall see you again Sir”. After that, he left.
That night, I took a flight back to Britain. When I was in the plane, the conversation I had earlier on with my new friend Olujah filled my mind. To make a difference, isn’t that what all writers write for?
Four years later in 1961, I traveled back to the same city. It was the same place at a different time. Nothing much had changed there. I walked to the same street heading to the same coffee house. I could still remember the friend I met when I last came to Durban. But I did not meet Olujah this time. After a drink in the coffee house, I decided to return to my hotel. When I walked out of the door, I noticed that the sign I saw years ago was not there anymore. I turned back and asked the owner, “Where is the sign that you used to put by the entrance?”
The owner replied “Oh, we removed it. It was stained with blood. The other day a black man was shot when he was trying to paste his articles on the wall near the door.”
“Do you know who it was?” I eagerly asked
“I think his name is Olujah.” The owner answered
My heart sank when I heard the name Olujah. I was moved grieved and shouted to the owner “You shall never put another sign like you used to again, or else, you will suffer the same fate as Olujah.”
I stared at the wall for a very long time. A piece of article was pasted on the wall. The article read “The sun rises tomorrow, the darkness will soon be gone, my brothers, let us take our stand and continue our fight for justice…”
I took the article down and published it in the newspaper across Britain the next day…the sun rises tomorrow.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Express Yourself

Dear readers, welcome to The Daily Blog! How is it going? Today I happen to see a very inspiring banner. On it was written two big words. EXPRESS YOURSELF! And I just thought to myself, how true was that! We live in world where people had forgotten the importance, the joy, the satisfaction, the need to express themselves. We keep secrets, we keep it to ourselves, and we keep things in our hearts and make ourselves suffer with the four thousand six hundred and ninety seven matters that we wanted people to know so much about. God forbid! And it has always been my way of writing, to urge, motivate, inspire and amplified into people’s ears, blowing their minds with my ideas, thoughts and encouragements. Ladies and gentlemen, let me respectfully remind you today that let us learn to EXPRESS OURSELVES! If you have something to say, speak it out! There is always time for the liberty of speech. There is always time for people to listen to you. We can try closing our eyes, our mouth and even stop breathing for five seconds but we can never shut our ears! Why is that so? Because it is vital for us, a human and emotional being, to understand that it is absolutely natural and healthy for everyone to express themselves. Some people speak a lot, guys like me write a lot, others love to draw, to sing and do a hundred things, but the bottom line is "express yourself". If you appreciate somebody, tell him! If you like somebody, tell her, if you love to read my articles, post me your comments here! Otherwise, I will never know that you are reading my blog. And people whom you care, love and appreciate will never know that you are mindful of them. What is the point of having a mouth if you want to keep secrets? We are born as interactive beings, we all are born to express ourselves! If you have forgotten to say something yesterday, don’t wait till tomorrow, this very moment, pour it out like rain over the seas, express it out, express it now!


Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's time to say goodbye

Morning ladies and gentlemen, oh well, probably some of you might read this at night so should I say goodnight instead? Cheers, today I will start my passage with three words------ It is time. Ladies and gentlemen it is time, no, not two minutes from now, not two hours from now, it is time. The time has come and the time is now. There had been and always will be, a time where we all have to understand that when circumstances does not allow we ourselves to stay any longer within others reach, within others hearts or within others lives, we have to say goodbye.... And I like to see everyone as having a role to play in each others lives. And there will be a time when you will finish your role, whether significantly or insignificantly, whether good or bad, whether long or short whether worthwhile or not. If you have finished your play in this drama call others life. Realise that it is time to say goodbye. It is time to go, to leave and to move on. Perhaps there will be a lot misses and memoirs, but down deep in your heart, you know it, you know that it can be almost meaningless for you to stay. Your heart, soul and mind might even feel more abandoned, lonelier, more desperate..... If you choose to stay on that very same square. Take it cool bro, it's time to say goodbye. I am finish with you life, perhaps one day.... ...

Life is a long journey to traverse. See it as a smooth sailing if you will, but I even better, likes to see it as a smooth sailing-------in a maze...


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Standing Out

Good morning everybody, welcome to The Daily Blog. My theme for today is "Standing Out". And let us start with a few questions, here we go.When was the last time you chose to stand up while others chose to settle down? When was the last time you dreamt a different dream. And when will be the next time you will choose to shine while others chose to melt themselves in the darkness. Ladies and gentlemen it takes more than just courage for one man to make a clear cut decision-----to stand up and stand out. It takes a believer. It's takes faith. It takes both eyes that would see impossibilities as possible. It takes ordinary people like you and I, to dream an extraordinary dream. To stand up and stand out. Martin Luther King stood out and set his people free. Mahatma Gandhi stood up and became a history maker. John F. Kennedy rose up and became one of the greatest political leaders. Nelson Mandela dreamt and he became the Nobel Prize winner. And you, you stood up and made me wrote this article. History of the past is not enough to encourage people like me to write even more ladies and gentlemen. What we need is the people present like you to rise and stand tall that we may continue to write all incredible attributes for you. We need people who will live in the future to be another Martin Luther King. All these has to start somewhere, why not let it start today, with you?


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Script of your life

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Script of your Life is my first blog in this place. And before you are soon swallowed by the sea of articles that I will write, I would like to firstly affirm everyone of you, that If there's is anything that I believe, I believe in the power of literary pieces, I believe in the power of one and I believe in the power of a pen, and how possibly it can influence people’s life.

I call this URL that I got free "Script of your life" because I believe that every individuals have the right to write out their own lives. I like to think that everyone of us here holds a pen, and we have the right to compose our own life just as we desire. We have the full right to decide, to plan, to introduce, to conclude, to fantasize each and every part and parcel of our lives as we will. It does not have to follow what other people write, what other people say what other people think, it just have to be ourselves. It just has to be our composition. It has to be our life. It does not need to be others, it does not need to be what people wants to read, wants to hear, for as far as I concern, and I believe as far as you would concern too "You say what You want to say, not what others want to hear".

So start off and embark your journey of life, like a pen ready to scribble on a piece of paper, write out your heart, write out your minds and write out your life! Just as you want it to be. And I promise, it will be exciting, it will be fulfilling, it will be interesting and people would want to know how unique you are and you can be. Aristotle once wrote "Live life as if it is how you imagine it would be". So ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to write?