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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Because I care

I have my very own share of point views when it comes to freedom of speech. As the news where Jeff and Attan, the two Malaysian bloggers who got sued recently by The New Strait Times Press for defamation was brought to my acknowledgement. I was actually happier then sad. I was partially delighted because firstly, it’s not me who is getting sued and more importantly Malaysia is finally getting into business and facing the much avoided.

It has been long enough and a social joke when we Malaysians are oppressed in a way or another to keep in heart things unsaid and unsung. Obviously freedom of speech exists in this country but its freedom has her own limits. Then of course, never in a million light years have I dreamt for Malaysia to be as liberal as the United States where criticisms and opinions can be express so freely and boundless. Yet a little knowledge of World History would tell you that the States itself came a long way to reach what it is today. Malaysia which has just celebrated her 50th birthday had of course frail and fails in comparison to achieve maturity in its politics. As a result, we fail in many other kinds.

It will not take very much wisdom to understand that whatever Malaysia touches turns to stone. Our national airlines and national car company share their misery in shame while their were once a pride yet speaks of a different story today. We are generally weak towards competition and the only way for Malaysian based company to survive is to monopoly the market. A good company to go down next would be TM Net if there’d ever be any competition to arise. Doubtless to say there is something very wrong with ourselves and our system as a nation. The rich gets richer, the corrupted stays corrupted, the minority stays minor, the people stays silent. All are angry but none choose to speak up because they are fearful that someday somehow they will be put to jail and be filed under the ISA which is also commonly known as the Irrational Security Act.

I believe it will take a longer while before Malaysia starts to learn from all sorts of mistakes made and is making before we could finally step out as a first world country. I’m not a prophet but I would say we probably need another 50 years. If there’s a biggest problem, if you would kindly join me in acknowledging the truth, I would say that Malaysia has not yet come to a point where perfect unity in diversity is achieved. Nothing good will ever come out when several members in a family bites each others head off and expect their home to be vision 2020. Like Martin Luther King said in his prestigious political speech while campaigning for his own kind, quoting from him “I wish to see that little black boys and black girls join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers. I have this dream today.” It is not until we are able to do so, that we would see the slightest change for good in our current system. Yet that is just one of the many evil roots.

My hope is that the coming up generation will be different. If possible, better. The last thing I would like to do is to complain about everything this nation has to offer, like what I observed from the adults who had been here for a while. I am for the good of my country and its people, I am colour blind as long as you would join me in this sickness.

Someday Malaysia will soar, yet it is very much a wonder, when will the day come.



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